The Exorcism of Emily Rose

August 4, 2006 § 1 Comment

I also understand you watched “The Exorcism of Emily Rose.” Now *that* movie was amazing – and – as far as I could tell – doctrinally sound. It kept me up for *nights* . . . I continually awoke at 3:00 a.m. I think the devil was toying with me, but I thwarted his efforts and said the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. Phooey on him!

– Laura, from a comment she posted on Constantine today

Right you are, Laura. The film was incredible! Steven and I stayed up until 2AM talking about exorcisms, etc. and then I thought I would be tired enough to sleep through the night. Well, I was wrong. Both Steven and I woke up at 3:00 AM. I sniffed a bit to make sure I didn’t smell anything burning, said a Divine Mercy Chaplet, and fell asleep again. Wierd.

I thought Tom Wilkinson did a fantastic job as the Catholic priest. The film as a whole was very respectful of Catholicism, and the exorcism scenes were eerie. Michael summed the experience up in one word: unsettling.

It reminded me of exorcism stories I was brought up on by my spiritual godfather…thanks Fr. Joe. :::winkwink:::

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  • Father Joe says:


    I brought you up on such stories? Goodness, then I am at fault for the state of things! Haha! I told you an exorcism story, okay, but mostly they were just scary stories for Halloween fun (with Catholic morals):

    The movie was well done, and while based on a European case, rather sympathetic to the Church. Do you know that the tape of the demonic voices heard in the movie was from the actual exorcism!

    I do have qualms however:

    1. I am of the opinion that Mary would never allow one of her spiritual children to endure such a thing. Possessions are not usually regarded as something that can happen to people who are in a state of grace, which apparently was the case for Emily Rose.

    2. Given that the context of the film is the United States, it should be remarked that exorcisms here MUST take place in a hospital setting and with physicians in attendance.

    3. Possessions usually can be traced to a particular event, usually of a superstitious or occult nature, like ouiji boards and seances.

    4. While any priest might be given permission to perform an exorcism, the Church has learned that it is often better to designate mature and holy men for this work.

    5. Religious artifacts (like medals, crosses, holy water, etc.) assist faith but are not merely superstitious talismans.

    The actual case upon which the film is based:

    The “Exorcism of Emily Rose” is based on the real-life story of Anneliese Michel, a German college student and devout Catholic who died during an exorcism in 1976. Doctors said her seizures and visions were caused by epilepsy. Her family and their bishop believed it was demon possession. German officials responded by prosecuting the parents and priest for criminal negligence. (They were found guilty but given suspended sentences.)

    Father Joe

    FICTIONAL MOVIE REVIEWS (You can delete this part if you want.)

    Genna: “It is a sweet movie for the whole family. You will laugh, you will cry, and claw your nails into your boyfriend’s shoulder and scream your head off! I will never turn the lights off again!”

    Kenny: “No bad words and no vulgar ‘dirty scenes’ at all– indeed, I was bored to tears by the PG13 film supposedly based on a true story.”

    Celeste: “It is about a pious and exceptionally bright home-schooled girl who goes away to a big university and is possessed by the devil. Hey Genna, who does this sound like?”

    Lizzie: “I am too young to see such pictures, and anyway, I don’t believe in … ablata matapata eglotta pithia puklumba ratatataz eiskbumba … oh, no, not again!”

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