June 25, 2006 § Leave a comment

Deacon Klco and I sat up really late the other night and watched this movie on the Protestant channel. Check it out – it is truly one of the most powerful and incredible movies I have ever seen.

Well, I survived the week at the Klco's, and ended up having a great time getting to know them even better. This morning we went down to the Missionaries of Charity for their 25th Anniversary (of starting their mission in DC) and later in the day dropped in on Fr. Baer down in Chaptico. He was so surprised! You all should have seen the look on his face…:-)

Now my family is home…and I can't even begin to explain the feeling of security and relief in my heart.

I would like to publicly thank all those who reached out to me with my family gone, including: Fr. Joe, who sent me repeated emails and started some interesting rumors; Msgr. Hughes, for checking up on me daily; Fr. White, who I barely know but who asked me every day how "the little scholar" was doing; the Larsens, for inviting me over although I turned down the invitation; Kevin, for offering to stay over at the house with me for two nights even though it didn't work out; Thomas, for running over to take care of the bird whenever I called, frantic because I forgot to feed it; and finally a huge thanks to the Klco's for giving me a week I won't forget and for making me feel at home and much loved.

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