Quiet Afternoon

May 30, 2006 § Leave a comment

First, an interesting quote from Sir Ian himself about a new digital morphing technology used in the X3 film. It will be used for Magneto as well, so that Sir Ian McKellan can play himself as a young Eric Lehnsherr:

I'll be playing the part. [laughter] I don't know if it's in the [press] notes, the first time that Patrick Stewart and I appear in this film [X-Men: The Last Stand], we appear to be 25 years younger than we are. And that's been done by a technology never used in film before, which involves no makeup, no special effects whatsoever. We just go into the studio and do the scene as is, and then they morph our faces on to photographs of ourselves 25 years ago. Lo and behold, there we are.

They can take any shaped person and they can slim you down, they can build you up, they can bring out your shoulders, change the style and color of your hair. Remove every wrinkle. They removed so many wrinkles from my face, I looked so young that [X-Men director] Brett Ratner said, 'You've got to put a few wrinkles back. It's looking ridiculous.' So it would mean that I could play myself at 25, feasibly. As long as I can keep myself lithe and sounding young.

I mean, that's the big story of this movie is once the stars realize that they don't have to have facelifts anymore, at least as far as their work is concerned. Meryl [Streep] and I can go on playing Romeo and Juliet for the next 20, 30 years. It's no problem. It's astonishing. It's like airbrushing but for the moving picture.

 You can read the rest of the interview/article if you are interested at IGN:McKellen talks Magneto Movie.

Our new associate pastor was visiting today after noon Mass, so we all got to meet him. As Fr. Baer says, "He is a little taller, a little younger, and has an awesome hat."

It looked like a punting hat, so I am sure Fr. Baer was being sarcastic. :-P

Anyway, he seemed very nice, is a graduate of CUA himself, and is a good friend of Dr. White's! What a small world it is.

After I met the new priest, Fr. Baer took me aside and said: "You see? It won't be so bad." He says that we will forget him as soon as he leaves, but I know that isn't true.

The day has been pretty quiet. I played a game of Sorry! with the girls, answered some emails, read, and cooked dinner. Thank God.

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