Strike Two…

May 23, 2006 § 2 Comments

…for CUA. Yesterday on the Diane Rehm show, the host was talking about Da Vinci Code and Fr. O'Connell (president of the Catholic University) was the guest. When asked, Fr. O said that yes he had seen the film, that his faith had survived, and that it had not been threatened "even once." Basically, he couldn't see the harm in it. Some woman then called in to the show and said that she agreed with Fr. O and, furthermore, she felt that her faith was deepened because she could relate better to a married Jesus. To top everything off, Fr. O responded by saying that he was glad that the woman experienced the desire to think about her faith as a result of the movie.

To read the rest of the blog post that reports this, go to Amy Welborn's site Open Book.

I am honestly disappointed in Fr. O, but I am also hesitant to write him off as quickly as some people under the comment section of that post. He has done so many good things for the University, most recently refusing to allow The Vagina Monologues to be produced on campus. He comes under a lot of flac here at school for his conservative stance that is faithful to the Magisterium.

If anyone is interested in emailing him with a polite comment of displeasure, feel free to email him at He does read and very often replies to his email.

My thanks to my daily CUA news pipeline, Fr. Baer, for telling me about this one and directing me to Welborn's blog.

And of course it figures that they aren't showing this in the DC area…

§ 2 Responses to Strike Two…

  • peanut1red says:

    Here is the email I wrote to Fr. O this morning:

    “I’m sorry to have to email you like this, but I feel I must express my disappointment in your comments on the Diane Rehm show yesterday. The Da Vinci Code is a heretical piece of work, degrading the persons of both Jesus and Mary and changing the New Testament in to a mystery novel full of secrets and until-now-supressed mysticism.

    As I mentioned before, I write this with regrets as I was very pleased regarding your stance on The Vagina Monologues.”

    And his answer…

    “Thanks so much for writing. Sorry to disappoint you but I spoke from my own convictions, having both read the book and seen the movie. I listened again to a tape of the show and I think I spoke clearly and with balance about the subject matter. I wouldn’t change a word of what I said. I was pleased that you expressed your disagreement without being nasty or disrespectful.

    God bless you and enjoy the summer.”

    I hated writing that to him, because I really do admire him. Thankfully he does not seem to have been insulted.

  • Father Joe says:

    Oops! Kiss those scholarship and grant possibilities goodbye!

    Did you ask your parents about the wisdom of this?

    I can see the notation going into the student file now:

    “Genevieve X. XXXXX – Took exception to the moral judgment of the CUA president. / Hardline troublemaker, closed-minded, and RED hair!”

    Little did Fr. O’Connell know that his secretary had made a clandestine phone call. “Hi, this is Maggie, Opus Dei secret agent 1739. Password, Da’Vinci Sucks. Is Genevieve XXXXX one of ours or a rogue agent. Shall wait for confirmation. Out!”

    Read More in THE DA’VINCI CODE, PART II – The Homeschooler’s Plot

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