United 93

May 17, 2006 § 1 Comment

Last night Kenny, Mommy, Fr. Ed and I went to see United 93. While Kenny found the movie very empowering and Mommy felt proud for the American spirit and steeled in resolve, I found the experience to be anything but cathartic. Watching the film was like violently ripping open wounds that I had hoped were more healed than they were. Although there is no doubt the movie was very well made and should have been made, in many ways I wish I did not go see it myself. I remember that day too vividly; I did not need to relive it.

I cried and cried and cried after the movie was over, and had some kind of attack in the car on the way home. My breathing was coming so quickly that I couldn't get any oxygen, and nearly passed out if it weren't for Kenny trying to calm me down. At home, I stumbled into the house, literally crawled up the stairs, and dragged myself into bed. Sleep was sweet after such a harrowing experience.

Today I am feeling better. I'm glad I got that over with so I don't have to go anymore.

§ One Response to United 93

  • Father Joe says:

    Goodness! You really are soft hearted…good thing you did not enlist or go out for the ROTC. Find peace about it.

    Now, as for Elizabeth, I suspect she would come out from the movie with a stars-and-stripes bandetta around her forehead, and a willingness to “take it home to the terrorists” with a knife in one hand, a machine gun in the other and a bazokka hanging from her shoulder!

    “Go gettum, Lizzie!”

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