Organic is OVER!!!!

May 3, 2006 § 3 Comments

No more Organic for the rest of college! As Alys said, I "don't know whether to be happy or scared." I have a good bit of chemistry left to go, but I hear that Organic is the class which makes or breaks the student. All I can do is thank God for getting me this far.

Last night, when I was trying not to stress out over the Orgo exam, Kenny and I watched Patch Adams. We weren't able to finish it because it was getting late, but I love it so far. I almost feel sad that I have never seen it before this…it honestly is a "feel good" movie – I hate to say it – in the most spiritual sense. Hopefully the end doesn't ruin the rest of the film.

Dr. White and the rest of his mediaevalist gang left for Kalamazoo this morning. They are attending the International Congress on Medieval Studies at Western Michigan University. Would I love to be a fly on the wall! Dr. White is presenting a paper on Aquinas' answer to the question of why Jesus used oral teaching rather than writing everything down, and Dr. Druart is presenting a paper on how to teach Avicenna in Medieval philosophy courses. Dr. White, at least, I know was working right down to the wire on his paper…poor man. I guess teachers don't remember what it's like, eh? ;-) Anyway, he is also running his own session on teaching Medieval philosophy at the college level, which should prove quite interesting. I can't wait until I hear all the news.

An interesting tidbit: Sonja (Fr. Fisher's personal assistant) is leaving the Shrine and moving away. This comes as a bit of blow to me, as we got along quite well. She will be sorely missed. Meanwhile, Fr. Fisher is considering hiring me as a part-time replacement, on Sonja's recommendation. Well, I don't have a job this summer or next semester quite yet, soooo…I might be willing to do part-time work if the pay is fairly good. What better place to work and what better boss to have?

I need to get back to work. Time to (1) finish my research project paper once and for all and (2) study for the Ethics and Theology exams in earnest. I don't think they will take very long to study for; Organic was the hard one. It's all downhill from here.

§ 3 Responses to Organic is OVER!!!!

  • fatherjoe says:

    Ethics and theology are the easy ones, “downhill from here”?

    Ring! Ring! “Hello, Sister Brady here.”

    “Hi Sis, this is Fr. Joe, Genna is telling everyone that you are too easy, how about bumping her exam questions up a notch?”

    “Easy! Well, we will see about this, I’ve got a couple of questions here that even the Pope can’t figure out!” she replied.

    “Sounds good to me,” said Fr. Joe, “she likes a challenge and it may teach her needed humility.”

    “In that case,” said Sister, “I will make sure that her questions are in Latin.”

    “You’re always right, Sister, take care!”

    “Bye Fr. Joe, and thanks, I’ll fix that rascal!” exclaimed Sister.

    THE BEGINNING OF THE END… but I will pray for you.


  • fatherjoe says:


    Speaking to catholic school kids in Arlington who had a dance to raise money to treat cystic fibrosis, he came out “Dressed in colorful, mismatched garb, the gregarious doctor, also a professional clown, lit up the auditorium. He told the students to embrace life and to not be afraid to reach out to others. He shared with them what his father told him as a child: “Be thankful you are alive, then look around to see who else is at the party.”

    “Adams is one of several doctors who run the Gesundheit Institute, a holistic clinic in West Virginia. He and his colleagues are currently planning to build a hospital to provide free, holistic care.”

    “Born in Northern Virginia, Adams graduated from George Washington University and the Medical College of Virginia.”

    “Inspired to become a doctor while institutionalized for depression as a teenager, Adams told the crowd simply but emphatically, ‘I love people.’ As a result of his experience as a patient, he was a pioneer in the idea of treating the patient instead of the disease.”

    “‘The ideal patient is someone who wants a deep, intimate friendship for life,’ said Adams. ‘When I see a patient, I want to spend two or three hours with him.'”

    “Referring to the fact that he has made no money and has gained no material possessions from his work, Adams told the students, ‘I’ve only known pain to practice medicine but I am a billionaire of the richness of life.'”

    “He said he will make $4 million this year and all of it will go back into his work. With a note of sadness in his voice, he said that the first donation to his clinic came 14 years into the project.”

    “‘Last week, two large foundations gave us all the money we need to build the hospital,’ he said. ‘It has taken a film — the modern church — to draw an interest in my work,’ he said.”

    “He cautioned the students about the temptations of fame, ‘I don’t want you to be seduced by celebrity — mine or anyone else’s,” he said. “Forget the name and remember the deeds.'”

    “Adams challenged the students to move beyond the Superdance by spending a week with a child who has cystic fibrosis or any other suffering individual.”

    “Adams concluded his speech with the poem ‘Devotions upon Emergent Occasions’ by John Donne. The words of the famous English poet, who wrote this poem when he was dying and reflecting on the ills of the world, reminded the students that”:

    “‘No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the Continent, a part of the main … Any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in Mankind; And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.'”

    Copyright ©1999 Arlington Catholic Herald, Inc.

  • peanut1red says:

    That’s really cool about Patch Adams – I didn’t know that he was still alive.

    Sr. Brady apparently didn’t decide to be mean and write the questions in Latin, but one or two threw me for a loop. Thankfully I figured out the answers before the exam was over :::sigh:::. Oh yes Fr. Joe – Sister said that she is still working on your problem and will be sending you an email through me as soon as she has finals graded. She wanted me to tell you. :-)

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