April 23, 2006 § 1 Comment

:::sigh::: Is there such a thing as "end-of-semesteritis"? If so, I definitely have a bad case. All day long I sit around trying to work but not doing a very good job of it…today I spent most of my time trying to finish this research report. Dr. Brewer said that she wants a rough draft by Monday. Anyway, it's up to sixteen pages now…haha, I can't imagine anyone actually wanting to read this report! Dr. Brewer has to, and Dr. White is the only other person who has asked if he could read it. I warned him it would be a bit dry, but he insisted, especially if he is letting me read his on Aquinas. :-)

Fr. Fisher has me reading a couple books right now, very slowly. One is Introduction to the Devout Life and the other is Imitation of Christ. So far I haven't had time to read much of either, but a couple pages a day is working well. Poor Fr. Fisher! He looked so tired this week, and rather pale. I wonder if he is feeling sick…

Thankfully, I don't have too much left to do to prepare for finals. Today I studied for my last O-Chem test, and reviewed the readings for metaphysics. Next week is going to be relatively relaxing: I have four parties to attend! Hooray for end-of-year parties!

I'm not sure I talked about my Philosophy end-of-year party. It was so much fun! There was a really good turnout – quite a few Basselins came, some grad students, and quite a few teachers including Dr. White, Dr. De Groot, and Msgr. Wippel. Fr. Pritzl showed up a little late, but he did come, and was kind enough to single me out to find out how I was. It was really funny: we were all standing around talking (as philosophers do!) when Fr. Pritzl arrived. He came into the garden of St. Bonaventure and said "What a wild party!" Very funny. :::laughing:::

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  • fatherjoe says:

    The philosophy seminarians from Theological College who are attending CUA are called “Basselins”, not Basilines. When they finish their college work they will have Master degrees and then face 4 years of theology.

    Feel free to edit your post and to delete this comment.


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