Work…work…and more work

April 9, 2006 § Leave a comment

:::sigh::: So I finished my Metaphysics paper for Dr. Druart this afternoon, and started the theology paper. Most of my day has been spent simply putting symbols down on paper in an understandable fashion – kind of a strange thought.

Fr. Joe came over for dinner/a visit. It was a lot of fun: he gave us this CD (which we watched with him) that had a ton of really really funny skits on it! Thanks Fr. Joe. Those skits were hilarious. :-)

I got this from a friend’s blog – it’s kind of fun:

Instructions: Go to your music player of choice and put it on shuffle. Say the following questions aloud, and press play. Use the song title as the answer to the question. NO CHEATING.

How does the world see you? Open Arms (Clay Aiken) – Okay, so that’s interesting. I don’t mind that too much.
Will I have a happy life? Raising the Cross (The Passion of the Cross Original Score) – Yikes. That doesn’t sound good. God help me.

What do my friends really think of me? Dedication of a Church: Chants for the Mass: Gloria XII (Choir of the Monks of the Abbey of Our Lady of Fontgambault) – As an official “Shrine Lurker” I will attest to this one. Some call me a “churchie”, affectionately I’m sure.

What do people secretly think of me? Dragonflies (Jim Parker) – uh….okay. The music is nice I guess.

How can I be happy? A Final Dream (Trans-Siberian Orchestra) – I guess this could be taken in two ways: sleep as in rest and sleep as in final sleep. Both sound good to me.
What should I do with my life? La Chanteuse (Jim Parker) Nah…I don’t think so. Too smoky in those lounges.
Will I ever have children? I Am (Mark Schultz) – Jesus is so awesome – He is my love and will never let me down. I am in His hands…only He knows what will happen.

What is some good advice for me? Thank You, Girl (The Beatles) – say please and thank you???

How will I be remembered? Be My Escape (Reliant K) – I will always try to encourage others to rely solely on Him.

What is my signature dancing song? 
Mae (Thomas Newman) – Nice and slow.

What do I think my current theme song is? It’s About Time (Nate Sallie) – This is a great theme song!

What does everyone else think my current theme song is? Another Girl (The Beatles) – Yikes. Everyone else doesn’t know me very well.

What song will play at my funeral? What Now (Steven Curtis Chapman) – I love this song. Maybe they really will play it at my funeral…though it sounds like a end credits piece.

What type of men/women do you like? Sobbin’ Women (Howard Keel) – Ooooooo I love strong commanding men!
What is my day going to be like? A Hard Day’s Night (The Beatles) – This is appropriate. I have a lot of homework tomorrow. (Speaking of homework: this title really bothers me philosophically.)

Well that was fun! Try it yourself and post your results!

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