Long Day: Must be Monday

March 14, 2006 § 1 Comment

I felt really ill this morning when I woke up, and contemplated skipping school to stay in bed. I seem to be just barely warding off some kind of flu – all I can do is pray that it stays away enough that I can go to school every day. Thankfully I don’t feel too bad tonight, so I will get some decent studying done.

The day was pretty normal in general, consisting of classes, studying, and Mass (Fr. Rossi said Mass). I turned in my metaphysics paper this morning – would you still like to read it Fr. Joe? I forgot all about how you wanted to look it over: I was rather frantic last night trying to finish it up for the due date.

Did anything interesting happen today? I’m trying to remember. Not really. Professor Miller showed us a bunch of transparencies of Assyrian armies impaling people, running over people with horses, and chopping off heads. Like any guy, I think he was enjoying himself with the fighting stuff. :-) He showed us ten pictures of these horrible things!

Anyway, time for me to get back to work. I have to do an assignment for Ethics class on lying, and then hit the O-Chem books really hard. I really, really need to get a good grade on the test on Friday. God help me.

And then a Physics test tomorrow? HA!

§ One Response to Long Day: Must be Monday

  • fatherjoe says:

    I was only kidding about the Greek title, but cool nonetheless.

    I would love to read your paper, if you are happy with it.

    Remember you can assign tags to your posts. Right now everything here is under the “Uncategorized” tag. You can delineate School, Trips, Family, Essays, Chemistry, Philosophy, Shrine, etc.

    WordPress was upgrading servers this past weekend and everything was slowed down or unavailable.

    Note that when you are making a post you have some options here that were not available with Blogger. For instance, you can mark a post as PRIVATE just for yourself. You can also Password-Protect a post, so that only friends or family members with the password can read them. You could even use different passwords– one for family and another for school friends. Young women have been known to have a “few” secrets.


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