End of a Long Week

March 11, 2006 § Leave a comment

First, I do want to say something about the fantastic philosophy discussion of a few nights ago. While we never got to discuss coarseness and violence qua coarseness and violence, they did come up during the conversation of beauty. Dr. McCoy first gave an introduction of the question “What is beauty?” by reading selections from Plato.

As is to be expected in philosophical discussion, after an hour and a half beauty still hadn’t been properly defined. :-P But I had a wonderful time both listening to the exchange of ideas as well as meeting potential future teachers among the Junior faculty of the School of Philosophy. Some of them are so young, I had mistaken one of them for a student and was on a first-name basis with him! It’s going to be wierd calling him “Doctor” now…

One Dr. Vorwerk made an interesting point. Taking the example of a man falling in love, he said that beauty gives rise to a desire to know. Basically his logic ran thus: there are two stages in love in regards to beauty. First, the man falls in love with the individual beauty of the person in a kind of superficial way. Secondly, the man delves desires to know whether this beauty he finds in his love is unique to his love, or is it something he may find in someone else. To answer this he must ask the question: what is beauty? Very interesting, indeed.

Adding to the excitement of the evening, there were a lot of Platonist vs. Thomist “digs” at one another. It was so funny!

As a kind of surprise, both Fr. Pritzl (hooray for the Dean!) and Msgr. Wippel showed up for the discussion as well. Also in attendance were Dr. Michael Gorman (I’d definitely take a class with him!), Dr. Tobias Hoffman (a very nice fellow – very young – and I think is likely a very good teacher as well), Dr. Matthias Vorwerk (I am definitely going to take a class with him sometime), and Dr. Holger Zabarowski (is probably an excellent professor, but I’m not sure I would understand him with the accent).

Today we had some excitement on campus – a camera crew! ACS finally sent out the camera crew as promised to film the labs today and they also interviewed the Brewers and filmed our Organic Chem class for a promotional video. It was fun, but kind of nerve-racking to have these cameras pointed right in our faces while we were taking notes. Ah, the price of fame. ;-)

Some photos I just uploaded:

Kenny on his visit to campus on Monday; Paul laughing at me; Mr. Dr. Brewer; Mrs. Dr. Brewer; Professor Miller (HSTR); Dr. White’s flowers to the fam; Kenny teaching class

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