Saints of the Day…yesterday

March 4, 2006 § 1 Comment

These were too cool; I had to post it.

Saints Marinus and Astyrius, Martyrs (c.262)

Marinus, a Roman army officer of Caesarea, Palestine (near Hadera, Israel), was to be raised to the rank of centurion when a rival intervened. The latter disclosed that Marinus was a Christian, unwilling to offer sacrifice to the emperor, and thus unsuited to promotion. The revelation led to Marinus being summoned before the governor. Upon hearing Marinus profess his Christian faith, the governor sent him away with a three-hour deadline to reconsider his religious profession or face the consequences. As Marinus went out, he met the bishop Theotecnus, who took him to a nearby church. Bringing Marinus near the altar, Theotecnus pointed to the officer’s sword, and then to the Gospel book, instructing him to choose between the two. Immediately Marinus reached for the Gospels. The bishop declared, “Hold fast then to God, that, strengthened by him, you may obtain what you have chosen. Go in peace.” Marinus was soon beheaded. Upon witnessing Marinus’ martyrdom, Astyrius, a Roman senator, took off his own cloak to wrap Marinus’ body, and carried it on his shoulders to bury it honorably. For this act of charity, Astyrius was also executed.

[Taken from Magnificat. Italics mine.]

It’s funny I read this last night, right after finishing the movie Gladiator for the nth time. I’m always in something of a thoughtful mood after seeing/reading things that have to do with Rome, wondering what on earth happened to the Roman virtues of honor, nobility, strength (and the list could go on)…but maybe it didn’t disappear. The spirit of Rome lived on, but in its persecuted Christian citizens and their sympathizers. Huzzah for Ancient Rome!

Don’t even get me started on my Roman speech….touchy subjects start to come up, like Constantine…and Diocletian…and Galerius…and the Punic Wars…and household gods…and imperial religions…hmmmmm.

§ One Response to Saints of the Day…yesterday

  • fatherjoe says:

    Honor… nobility… hum… did you ever read or see the PBS production of I CLAUDIUS? [Beware of nudity!] Their leadership seem to come and go based on betrayal, debauchery and poison. Was Nero honorable, as he played his fiddle while having Rome burned and the Christians blamed?

    Ah, some say that it was the plumbing that caused the true downfall of pagan Rome– or more exactly the lead in the pipes that tainted the water and deluded their poor brains. Oh well…

    Speaking more of myself than you:

    Utinam logica falsa tuam philosophiam totam suffodiant!

    As always, peace–
    Father Joe

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