February 18, 2006 § 3 Comments

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This morning, with my family (at least, most of it) present, I was inducted as an Extraordinary Minister at the Shrine. It was incredible. Fr. Fisher’s homily on St. Tarcisius had me so choked up I could barely get the words out for the rite when the time came. All I could do was ask: why me? What makes me think I am worthy to present Christ Himself to others? Suddenly one feels as transparent as glass.

In the photo, you can see me as well as several classmates (altar servers), Fr. Fisher, and Deacon Tony (both of whom did the training).

After Mass there was a really nice appreciation luncheon for everyone who volunteers and works at the Basilica. I especially enjoyed it, because my family were able to meet my Shrine “family”.

It was a beautiful way to spend the day. Even if I don’t get as much studying done as I planned this weekend, I don’t regret a moment of today. :-)

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  • Sorry I missed it, did I know about it? Anyway, I had to concelebrate the funeral at St. Mary’s– with your brother as altar server!

    You are sure a sign of contradiction to your peers, as all Christians should be in this world. Just when I think I cannot be more proud of you, you do something that takes your discipleship to another level. You lector and now you will assist the priest with the distribution of holy communion– think of it, you will give Jesus, God come down from heaven, the Savior of the world– you will give him to others, the bread of life, the cup of eternal salvation. May you always approach the sacrament with the deepest faith and humility.

    Continue to be the “good girl” that you are; it is a wonderful witness to other teens and young adults.

    Do you like the music from ZOEgirl? I noticed that you placed one of their songs on your favorites list from 2005. Do you know the song called, GOOD GIRL?

    “You walk a narrow road / I know you face it on your own / But you’ve got the will inside / I can see it in your eyes / You’re not about mini skirts / And silly reasons to flirt / ‘Cause you’ve got heaven on your side / And that’s how you live your life / You’ll be glad you stood your ground / So just hang on.”

    You witness by your service and by your values.

    God bless you, and remember, God loves you, and so do I.

  • Genna, thanks for letting us share this day with you. We really enjoyed meeting your shrine “family.” We are truly blessed every day that you still live at home and very happy that you have chosen to do so.

  • Genna says:

    Hey Mommy! I’m really glad that you could all be there as well; it was a very important day to me. But I know that everyone could have thought of more exciting things to do with their Saturday.

    I know my Shrine “family” loved meeting my real family. Fr. Fisher had nothing but praise for you all. :-)

    Fr. Joe: thanks for the congratulations and the prayers! Actually, Kenny has the CD that features “Good Girl”. It is one of my favorite songs…it really speaks to me.

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