What a DAY!

February 16, 2006 § 1 Comment

First, I want to begin by PRAISING GOD for the GORGEOUS WEATHER this afternoon!

My whole day was pretty nice (a change!) in general. Msgr. Rossi was bright and cheery this morning and winked at me (I thought he was upset with me since he was a little sharp with me two weeks ago), I got to see Dr. White, I soared through the Ethics midterm, I met a guy that I have wanted to meet for a year now (and he was really nice), and I had a relatively good time in lab.

We set up six reactions this week…some are new, some we have already done. Dr. Brewer is sending two things from last week out for mass specs. :::keeping my fingers crossed::: We didn’t get enough done today so we are going to work on it some more after normal lab is over tomorrow. I did have an interesting episode today while the Brewers had stepped out: I nearly knocked myself out with chloroform. I was looking for a chemical we had used for one experiment so I could copy the physical properties off the bottle…and got a decent whiff of chloroform (vapors trapped in the cabinet?). Whew! How the world spun…I’ve always wondered how that felt. Thankfully I didn’t get too big of a sniff. :-P

Anyway, I do have a couple quotes today, so I will share them now:

“Why didn’t he just touch the fire?” ~ Dr. Brewer gives a scientist’s perspective on the apparent wisdom of Descartes

“We speak Bible-ese in church, you know.” ~ Prof. Miller

“When you wake up in the morning, say ‘I am a dative of manifestation.'”

“Absence makes the heart grow fonder…and makes for an interesting foray into phenomenology.”

§ One Response to What a DAY!

  • When I took biology centuries ago, we used chloroform on bugs and frogs, but not teenaged girls!

    Pleeease, Genna, you promised neither to poison yourself nor to blow up the school.

    And you are dizzy enough already…

    …again, stay safe– peace!

    Father Joe

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