Tomorrow is a School Day

February 12, 2006 § 1 Comment

:::shakes head::: I can’t believe it: I spent four hours this afternoon studying for a midterm that isn’t this Wednesday, but next Wednesday. Thank God there isn’t anything else more pressing that I had to study for, or else I would have been in major trouble.

The family had a fantastic time at the Mount this weekend – when they got home I just begged them to let me have a little of the “Spirit” for myself!

While we did get ~10 inches of snowfall last night, the sad fact is that most of it melted today. But that doesn’t stop my siblings…they have already been sledding, and had several snowball fights. Elizabeth was audacious enough to throw one at me while I was standing around looking at the snow. :-P

It was an interesting day in the Games today…Bode Miller was surprisingly disappointing; I think his “flyer” cockiness messed him up this time. Shaun White pulled it together at the last minute today, and Andy Finch (my favorite in men’s halfpipe) finished in twelfth place.

They haven’t aired the final race for Apolo yet…I am keeping my fingers crossed. I don’t want to poke around online for fear I found out how he did! He’s got to win this year – he is so cool and confident out there on the ice. You would think he were merely strolling through the park.

§ One Response to Tomorrow is a School Day

  • I was so looking forward to the Olympics today. But my power went out last night and only came back on an hour ago, about 11:30 PM!

    My poor neighbor did not have heat, but thank goodness, he is okay now.

    On top of that, no one came to Mass today at Holy Spirit– no one. You might like snow, but for a poor parish with frail and elderly parishioners, it is a pastor’s nightmare, on weekends, that is.

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