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February 10, 2006 § Leave a comment

Well, that was a really bad test…I know of at least 9 points I lost right off the top of my head. But, as JP pointed out, that is still a 91 if I am sure of the rest. I suppose I will see what happens when I get the test back next week, and in the meantime pray for acceptance of whatever comes my way. At least I can rest assured that I did not slack off on studying, and there was nothing more I could have done to prepare.

On a lighter note, the Olympics start tonight! Yesterday the U.S. Men’s figure skating team had its first press conference in Turin: Johnny Weir, Matt Savoie, and Evan Lycascek (I think that is how you spell his last name). Weir is sure to do well, despite being a bit of a wild card (as long as Evgeni doesn’t clean up the ice with him, that is). But I think that they should check Weir’s luggage for drugs: after all his strange descriptions of his costumes as looking like “icicles on coke” I am beginning to wonder. Who knows? Maybe Weir won’t even cry this year if he falls.

I am definitely putting myself behind Matt. He is a truly awesome guy, and honestly is more a normal guy than a skater. Next semester he is starting law school, and so this will be his last bout of competitions. Good luck Matt!

Otherwise, I am definitely going to be watching the speed skating over this weekend, particularly short track. Apolo is GOING TO WORK SOME MAGIC out there this year! Derek Parra was awesome four years ago as well, but I honestly think he is too broken up by his recent divorce to be much good to the team. We shall see.

But am I going to watch the ceremonies tonight? I think not – at least not without some homework in front of me. Chemistry mechanisms here I come! Two bad tests (or one anyway: I guess to be fair I can’t say about today’s quite yet) aren’t going to lick me. :-P

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