Over Halfway Through the Week

February 8, 2006 § Leave a comment

“Q=VC is how you relate charge, voltage, and capacitance. Just think shopping channel.” ~ Dr. Ian Pegg

All my classes were okay today – Organic is stressing me out because I can’t afford to get another grade like the last one (though I think I have studied these two chapters to death)…in Physics I got back a good grade and a not-so-good grade (no surprise there: electric potential + test anxiety episode = not good)…Metaphysics was actually quite interesting (we talked about eggs and how their form can change momentarily…or how a house is not a house when it is a pile of bricks).

I went to Mass at the Shrine (celebrated by the newly appointed Fr. Joe Holcomb) and had a nice lunch with Daniel, a philosopher-grad student-friend of mine.

Afterwards I dropped by lab to give Matt my homework; thankfully he isn’t sore about our little spat of last Friday. I think Alys is right: men just aren’t as catty as women.

Theology class was fun as usual…we had a big discussion about the “wrath of God” in the Old Testament that took up the entire class period.

Finally I am home with my tea. Now, to hit the books once again…I need to do the analysis on my Physics lab and do some more studying for the Friday O-Chem test. :::blech::: God help me make it through the next two weeks!

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