Happy Feast of the Conversion of St. Paul!

January 25, 2006 § Leave a comment

I love St. Paul – he was so on fire for Christ that it just burst out of him in every word he wrote!

I was more tired this morning than I have been in a really long time; it took a supreme effort to drag myself out of bed at 5AM when the alarm rang. Later, I nearly fell asleep in Physics class. Why am I so tired? I can’t imagine, but I am going to bed early tonight in the hopes I catch a few extra winks. I am sorely in need of beauty sleep. :::winkwink:::

This morning I met Alys before Chem class and she helped me finish my pre-lab stuff for Friday. I always feel so stupid – why can I never remember the basics from General Chem? Oh well. At least friends are willing to explain things to me one. more. time. Thankfully, it all comes back to me when I am reminded. Thanks Alys!

Classes went as usual today – Chem was pleasant, Physics was a pain in the neck, and Metaphysics was mind-boggling. It’s always such a relief to leave that class to go to Mass at the Shrine (which Msgr. Rossi said today). I also got to meet our new priest at the Shrine – he seems nice, and is going to be the pilgrimage director (Msgr. Rossi’s old position).

Fr. Ray should finally be back on Sunday….hooray! I’ve missed him so much!

I had lunch with Frank, which was fun. We did some more mutual picking on each other, and I met some more of his friends.

Theology class was a BLAST – today Prof. Miller talked about marriage in the Old Testament (he is writing his dissertation on the very same topic). I can’t believe how much that man knows; it’s a wonder he’s crammed in enough time to learn everything. But even as I wonder, I continue to sit and listen in awe. Just please give me some more knowledge….please

Oh yes: I got an authentic autographed picture of Peter Falk as Columbo yesterday! I have never received an autograph that quickly from anyone…I only sent the request the week after Christmas.

Anyway, so I need to go do some Chem homework before I get an early bedtime. Goodnight!

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