Good (but Long) Day

January 24, 2006 § 1 Comment

Haha – I just realized (while reading over my Bible journal for HSTR) that I think I write far too often on the subject of humility. I seem to see it in nearly every Biblical story I read…oh well. Hopefully I don’t get points taken off for bringing up the topic more than once.

The day went fairly well. Ethics was incredibly boring as usual; honestly I did try to stay awake. It is probably at the worst time for me: I always get really tired right before lunchtime. Also, it is the worst combination of a bunch of other things too: (a) a teacher who simply repeats the readings; (2) 70 minutes long; and (c) boring subject matter to begin with. Dr. White says that it gets better as time goes on, so I guess I will hang on and see what happens.

Took my first Physics test of the semester today – it wasn’t too bad. If I can keep on top of the chapters that we are studying I think the class will go more smoothly than last semester.

I also had Physics lab this afternoon. Our TA is Scott this semester, and he is really nice and really helpful (wonderful!). Marcio was really good last semester, but Scott is a little easier to understand as he is not foreign. I have to admit that is was kind of fun to play with the electrical currents and stuff.

After Physics, I went to look at some syntheses problems with Mrs. Dr. Brewer. On the way I ran into Prof. Miller, and we chatted for a few minutes before going out separate ways. :-) Mrs. Dr. Brewer said I did a good job on the (harder) problems she gave us, so I was pretty happy. She also explained some things that I should have known from General Chem but never asked. :::blushing::: Well, at least I know the answers now.

I am so excited! On Thursday the Dominican Provincial is coming down to celebrate the Mass/give the homily for St. Thomas Aquinas’ feast day! We have a University Mass that afternoon…oh how I love University Masses. All the professors decked out in their hoods – it is so impressive.

What do you think of the wonderful news coming out of Canada? I’ve been keeping up on it (what with all my Canadian teachers), and I hear he will be good for the pro-life-anti-gay-marriage issues. The Canadians did a good job, eh?

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