Lab Day!

January 19, 2006 § 4 Comments

I don’t really have time, but I am going to post anyway since it was my first day of research, and I am really excited about it.

I lectored this morning (again) at the Shrine…poor Msgr. Rossi is not a morning person. Hopefully Fr. Ray gets back soon; he was much more friendly at 8AM. :-)

Naturally, I had to start out my first time doing research with the Brewers by breaking a beaker and spilling a (rare!) compound of Mr. Dr. Brewer’s all over the place. I have never messed up an experiment in 1.5 years of labs…but I had to do it this afternoon. :::blushes::: Needless to say, I was a bit flustered (even though Dr. Brewer wasn’t – he just said that he was going to see if he could find some more lying around) and cleaned up the mess I made.

A few minutes after he left, Mrs. Dr. Brewer came downstairs from her office, put her coat on, and said that she was going to help me out. What an angel she is! Her presence was a wonderful calming influence, and from then on every reaction I did went smoothly. Of course, the afternoon was not without a decent amount of ribbing from Mr. Dr. Brewer.

I finished the lab period making some more of the compound that I wasted.

Though it was not very pleasant at first, I have to admit I think spilling/breaking stuff was the best thing that could have happened. I was so nervous going in there (for no reason at all) – and an “accident” kind of broke the ice and formed a bond between myself and the Brewers. I don’t plan on doing anything quite so clumsy for the rest of the semester at least…another 1.5 years would be good. ;-)

§ 4 Responses to Lab Day!

  • Genna accidentally dropped the beaker and it smashed apart as it impacted the floor. Imediately a purple gas exuded as the mixture combined with the air, floor wax and residue cleansers. She screamed and headed for the door, but moved too slowly to escape the noxious fumes. She reached for her throat, gagging and coughing.

    Dr. Brewer looked up in alarmed surprise, and shouted, “Oh no, not again!” and ran for the door.

    Genna felt faint but steadied herself on the black lab table. The dizziness was passing but something else was happening. The world around her seemed to be getting smaller and smaller. What was happening? No, it could not be, but it was so, she was shrinking. The table was already above her head and she seemed to be falling toward her shoes.

    She must have blacked out for a moment, and awakened to find herself in a dark pit. Where was she? Then she looked up and almost fainted dead-away once more. Looking down upon her was an enormous eye!

    Metal pinchers reached out to her, and pulled her from the pit. Oh no, she thought, I was at the bottom of one of my shoes!

    As she was lifted into the air, she recognized the face of her professor, but now with the stature of a skyscraper. Realizing that she had undergone the metamorphosis and not her professor did nothing to minimize her panic. Like a roar she heard his voice, “Sorrry pooor girrl,” it rumbled, “I shall have to put you somewhere safe until an antedote is found.”

    The metal pinchers, really just simple tweazers, were cold to her skin. “Oh my goodness!” she cried, realizing that her sudden reduction in size had left her clothes behind.

    The professor lowered her into a small box kept behind books on a shelf in his office. There were scraps of cloth there to cover herself, but even more oddly, two other people, a boy and girl, about her size.

    “What happened?” said the boy.

    Genna, stuttered, “There was a lab accident.”

    “Yep, tell me about it,” he said cynically.

    The girl with him interjected. “My name is Felicia and this is Sam. We were also lab assistants for Dr. Brewer. Sam was playing with the chemicals and what happened to you happened to him. I was working with the professor to find a cure. But, as you can see, I spilt some of the liquid and here I am.”

    “What is going to happen now?” Genna whined.

    “I guess the professor will just have to get another lab assistant and keep on trying. But we are well cared for. Mrs. Dr. Brewer brings us food every day, actually even crumbs from her plate makes more food than we could ever eat at one sitting.”

    “How long have you been here?” Genna asked.

    “Let me answer that,” interrupted Sam, “Too darn long– I have been here five years, and Felicia, three. Time passes differently for us than for the giants. There was another girl here but she got eaten by a bug.”

    “A what?” Genna cried in panic.

    “Yep, a bug,” Sam said, “like that big hungry one behind you right now! Run!”


  • What does “lol” mean?

    Maybe I am dim-witted, but I am not sure.

    Definitions I found on the Internet were:

    “laughing out loud”

    “lots of laughs”

    “lord o lord”

    “lots of love”

    Which is it?

    Should I delete it?

    Is it a mental affliction? I cannot seem to help myself from falling into lapses of spontaneous fictional narration. I suppose it is like normal people coughing or sneezing.

  • Genna says:

    Haha – lol is “laugh out loud”. If I had said rofl I would have meant “rolling on the floor laughing”.

    That said: Lol!

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