My Top 25 Beatles Songs

January 14, 2006 § 1 Comment

I started to put this list together before break ended, and decided to post it now…I reached into my HUGE collection of Beatles music (of which I am quite proud – I have, in fact, every single song they ever recorded, save nine or ten really rare ones). The songs are in no particular order – simply as they came to mind.

I believe a disclaimer of sorts is an order. By listening to their music, I in no way support the lifestyle of the men who made up the Beatles. They did some (okay, many) awful, awful things. But that does not diminish the talent they had for music and songwriting.

  1. I Should Have Known Better – my first Beatles song EVER!
  2. Come Together – Haunting. Listen for John saying “Shoot me” in the background.
  3. For the Benefit of Mr. Kite – gobbledygook, but I like it.
  4. I Need You – one of the few George Harrison songs that I like.
  5. I Saw Her Standing There – I loved listening to this one when I was seventeen.
  6. I’m Looking Through You – Paul McCartney wrote this about his longtime girlfriend when she started to act “disinterested”.
  7. Norwiegan Wood – Paul McCartney’s love songs were always too candy-coated for my tastes. John Lennon’s nearly tragic story is blatantly honest.
  8. Words of Love – the song is no great shakes, but when I first heard the vocals I nearly cried they were so beautiful.
  9. Another Girl – this one has really awful lyrics, but I love the song anyway.
  10. You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away – there are rumors that John Lennon wrote this to be the first gay love song. I don’t believe a word of it…and even if he did I still never tire of hearing it.
  11. The Night Before – this was the first song my little sister’s learned to sing…unfortunately. :::winkwink::: It’s a great song.
  12. A Hard Day’s Night – a classic.
  13. Can’t Buy Me Love – another classic, but I almost prefer to listen to Paul McCartney playing it with his new band recently.
  14. Sie Liebt Dich – I’m not crazy about the original “She Loves You” but sing anything in German and it sounds fantastic.
  15. All Shook Up – a rare recording done by the Beatles, but Paul is the only one who sings. The Beatles really took the song to a level Elvis never dreamed of.
  16. One After 909 – an early recording, but very cute. If you can get ahold of the CD, there is also a rehearsal track for the song which is very…revealing. You can hear the young Beatles teasing each other for quirks (Paul was always skipping 8-bar counts, etc.)
  17. All My Life – my all time favorite Beatles song.
  18. Soldier of Love – another early recording that is absolutely adorable.
  19. Roll Over Beethoven – I remember how we all danced to this one at my “Beatlemania” sixteenth birthday party.
  20. Little Child – my mother and father didn’t recognize this one, but I think it is very catchy.
  21. I Wanna Be Your Man – okay, this is only to be fair. Ringo has to get his moment in the spotlight too.
  22. Hold Me Tight – fun for teenagers from a more innocent age. Which means that it fits me perfectly…none of that rap stuff for me.
  23. Komm, Gib Mir Deine Hand – more German!
  24. Tell Me Why – the Beatles tried their hand at a different style entirely. It didn’t do very well as a record, but find it an interesting piece.
  25. Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds – one of the only “drug-enhanced” Beatles songs that I can stand to listen to more than once in an hour. And I don’t care what John said; this song is NOT about Julian’s picture he brought home from school.

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