January 13, 2006 § 2 Comments

…the first week is over! If the rest of the semester drags by as slowly as this week did, I am honestly going to cry. Oh well – maybe when my schedule normalizes somewhat things will be better.

I lectored at the Shrine again this morning (for a priest I have never met) and got to chat with Kevin, which is always fun. I will be *so* happy when we finish with the Books of Samuel; they take a really long time to read and all the time I can feel the priests putting the pressure on me to finish in time for 8:30 Mass to begin. *brrrrrr* There is hardly anything worse than being rushed through your lectoring duties.

Katie taught us Chemistry again this morning, and the following Physics class was okay. Hmmmm…already electricity is confusing me. But then again, so did mechanics at the beginning of last semester. And when I thought I would never understand, it all clicked and I could do it in my sleep now. I am just going to keep doggedly studying the chapter and doing the problems.

Metaphysics with Dr. Druart went surprisingly well today, most because I actually opened my mouth and interpreted a difficult passage for the class. Thankfully I got the important points of the philosophical reflection correct, and Dr. Druart was impressed. It was a nice thing for me, and I must say I was rather proud of myself, since I spent nearly an hour working on that particular passage last night. Finally I hit on what Plato was talking about with his Concept of Forms.

I ran into a couple of teachers today, particularly Dr. Miztal (Sociology, Spring ’05 – though he had strange ideas I have to admit that there are few courses in which I have learned as much) and Prof. Miller (Theology this semester). It’s funny how you never notice the teachers around campus until you have actually taken their classes. Then they pop up everywhere!

Perhaps because the week was so slow, I found myself thinking back on the two subjects that I reluctantly passed over when deciding on a major: history and sociology. The subject of Professor Miller’s class – history of the Old Testament – is actually what I dreamed of studying for quite a while. I have always been delighted to study the Old Testament. As for sociology, I didn’t discover the subject until I started school here. Frankly, it is absolutely fascinating and a joy to study. But I opted again sociology because I felt that a lot of philosophy was involved in sociology and that perhaps philosophy would be a good background if I wanted to do something like sociology later. But the Old Testament…I don’t know. I guess I just gave that up. I really do love Chemistry and Philosophy very very much and would never change what I am doing at all, but it is kind of sad to think about the fields I had to give up to pursue mine. I guess I can always study Old Testament on my own…

Anyway, on to other things. Lab this afternoon consisted only in checking into our lab benches, but for some reason Matt was grumpy. Everyone told me last year that he was only grumpy on Wednesdays but not on Fridays. Maybe I make him grumpy. ;-) I mean, I did accidentally spray a good bit of water on him last semester (to my absolute delight! He had been giving me such a hard time), but still. We get along pretty well, though we have a mutual teasing thing going on all the time regarding my grade.

I am definitely going to watch a Columbo tonight, and probably a Rockford Files afterward. But first I have a little more homework to do before my brain shuts down for the evening. Plato, here I come!

Have a good weekend everyone.

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