Last “First Day” of the Semester

January 10, 2006 § 1 Comment

Michael Kitchen’s autograph (a real one) came in the mail today…I’m so excited!

Contemporary Moral Issues with Sr. Brady was good, as far as I could tell. Fr. Joe: I mentioned you to her afterwards and she said that you are a “wonderful priest”. I didn’t know most of the people in that class; my guess is because I am getting more into my major at this point. It will be an interesting class, but I have to admit I feel that it is kind of easy. For instance, Sr. Brady said that 15 pages of homework per class was “tough”. Hmmmmm…Prof. Miller gave us 42 pages to read for tomorrow.

After Mass (celebrated by Fr. Fisher), I had lunch with Anne and had a great time. Then I hurried back to the Liturgy Office to get my marching orders for “un-decorating” the Shrine. Unfortunately I could only promise an hour of work, but I was able to strip down two trees and finish one chapel before I left. Every little bit helps.

I putzed around the computer lab for a while reading theology and then went to meet with Dr. Brewer regarding the research project. We would have actually done some experiments, but he has to prepare to leave because his mother died yesterday and he and his wife are leaving for the rest of the week. :::sob::: Keep his mother’s soul in your prayers.

The projects he has in mind are quite exciting…there are two in particular. One has to do with using iron ligands to attach organic to inorganic molecules, and the other one somehow will help to develop molecular “magnets”. To start off, next week I will do my first experiment, using a substance that if breathed at all could (a) alkylate my chromosomes, and/or (b) kill me. Sounds like fun!

Now, time for some serious homework. Already I am in up to my ears, and will have to really focus to dig myself out.

St. Thomas More, pray for us!!!!

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  • Actually alkylates can be dangerous when you are trying to combine compounds– and are notorious for killing cells.

    I read about researchers working seriously on combining organic to inorganic molecules as part of their medical nanite research ( a cancer project). I guess you are doing it, for fun?

    The work with molecular magnets should be easier for you, you already have a magnetic personality! Haha! Oh well …

    Be careful,

    and hold your breath.

    Fr. Joe

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