Chemical Scares

December 15, 2005 § 2 Comments

Here is a scary article that my mom alerted me to today. Between studies like this and the one I read about in the Post the other day regarding the possible dangers of nanotechnology (now used in everything from certain sunscreens and hair products to food), I wish that organic food wasn’t so expensive and that people were more chemical-conscious! I can’t believe the fervor with which nanotechnology has been embraced…for heaven’s sake these scientists are playing around with the atomic structure. I can’t even begin to imagine what kind of effects that could have in the long run…brrrrr…

Also, I read an interesting article on a book published recently called Are Men Really Necessary? A few weeks ago Dr. White pointed it out because he found it rather an offensive title. :-) Although I would not recommend the book at all (I have read it myself but have read enough reviews/articles about it), it does raise an interesting point: women cannot “have it all”. One thing that Maureen Dowd (A Catholic University graduate) points out in the book is that men generally do not want to marry a women more successful or more intelligent than themselves – now whether this is absolutely true or not it a matter of debate. But unfortunately Dowd’s book falls short in the end because it fails to become introspective: it remains an attack on men. The article I read in the Times pushed further than her book did, and openly asked: Can women have it all? No. Whether it is a failing on part of men or of women doesn’t matter. Women must make a choice when it comes to family or a career, at least most of the time (The Drs. Brewer are an exception to this: it has taken a lot of hard work and sacrifice on Mrs. Brewer’s part to do what they have done).

So what does this mean for me (who am VERY driven), or any of the brilliant girls in my aquaintance? It means we have to make a choice at some point. How ironic it is that, no matter how much society thinks it has “advanced” with the feminist movement, that women still find themselves in the same old quandary.

Perhaps Kant is right when he says that God used all his art when he made women, because He intended them to be those in charge of the future of the human race. If this is true, then that is quite a responsibility to live up to.

I don’t know. Food for thought anyway as I head into Christmas break. Now I have to get back to work…

§ 2 Responses to Chemical Scares

  • You say: “So what does this mean for me, or any of the other brilliant girls in my aquaintance?”

    Ah, so you do consider yourself “brilliant”? The girl part is granted. Remember to be humble … even if it might be true.

    As for what Kant said, we will see if you still agree years from now when you hold your baby BOY in your arms– I suspect you will say that God spared no beauty or artistry in his fashioning! The future holds no promise unless men and women walk into it hand-in-hand, together.

    You touch so many points in such a short post!

    The article does not even scratch the surface about what pollutants are in our bodies, particularly for children in the womb who are particularly vulnerable.

    Did you know that some researchers are saying that modern obesity is not simply because we eat too much but because growth harmones pumped into fowl and cattle are consumed into our bodies as meat, cheese and milk. Babies get such things through the mother’s blood supply in the womb and then through the fats in breast milk. The addiction to these additives begins in the womb and are most satisfied in fast food.

    And what about medicines and even illegal substances? You know that there is a new nephew adopted into my family who had heroin in his system at birth and had to be treated for withdraw. We are still worried about brain damage– all because the mother was a drug addict!

    As for nanotechnology, the situation is not all bad. Food manipulation allows us to feed millions where before organic foods were insufficient to nourish growing populations. Efforts are being made to get Rome to endorse bioengineered foods (like corm and wheat) so that the hungry might more easily be provided with substinence. Some of the European nations and developing countries have reservations about manipulated food that should be fairly safe to consume. Also, nanites (biochemical and mechanical) hold great promise in treating deseases and in forestalling many of the ravages of aging.

    As for the hysterical Maureen Dowd, I have not read her new book about men, but I have read her newspaper columns, and have found her harsh and willing to exaggerate to the extreme to make a point. I am NOT fond of her, not so much because of her style, but because she is another of these liberal and dissenting Catholics that plague the Church. She called Pope Benedict XVI a “hidebound Juraissic archconservative” and the “Vatican’s Darth Vader” who views “the world in stark terms of good and evil, eager to prolong a patriarchal society that prohibits gay marriage and slices up pro-choice U.S. Democratic candidates.”

    She can be quite acidic, even savage in her writing, and I think the truth is often compromised in the effort. Her great claim of fame was her coverage of the Lewinsky scandal. That does not say much but might explain why this self-absorbed woman could write such a book about men that would discount their contribution. The good sisters who taught her at the now defunct Immaculata HS in NW, DC are probably spinning in their graves.

    As to her liberal approach and attack upon political conservatives and orthodox churchmen, she argues: “Moral absolutism is relative, after all. As Bruce Landesman, a philosophy professor at the University of Utah, pointed out in a letter to the Times: ‘Those who hold ‘liberal’ views are not relativists. They simply disagree with the conservatives about what is right and wrong.’

  • Peanut says:

    Thanks for checking me on the humility thing; I think it came out the wrong way. I’ll edit the post. :-)

    I don’t know much about Dowd, but she sounds like she has some personal problems if she is so offensive. I really don’t like most of what she has to say about men (and I think her conclusions are wrong since she decides to blame all social problems on them), but it brought to mind some interesting questions for me personally.

    Please continue to post comments! Maybe you feel like I don’t like it…but I really do.


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