Three down, Just one to go!!!!

December 14, 2005 § Leave a comment

Last night I asked people to IM me their prayers of thanks for the semester of Fall 2005. Here are mine as well as some contributed by friends:

From Me: I’m thankful for: my teachers (i.e. Dr. White and the Drs. Brewer) who are WONDERFUL, my friends who put up with my quirks, the Physics TA’s (who have saved my LIFE), the Shrine and its staff, my supportive family, the cold weather…

From AJ (only slightly and characteristically sarcastic): Thank you God for the gift of reserved yet totally cool philosophy teachers (i.e. Dr. White). Thank you for the gift of deporting Brian Shanley to a far away place where I don’t have to deal with him. Thank you for letting me be done with philosophy for the rest of my undergraduate career (at least). And most of all, thank you for the many works of Aristotle…..CAUSE THEY BURN REALLY WELL!

From Alison: oh, and in response to your away message i am thankful for ben and jerry’s ice cream because without it goodness knows i might never have gained control of my emotions.

From Catherine: Good idea …I am thankful that God told me what major to pick, and I’m thankful that my philosophy exam went well, and I’m thankful that we had snow, and I’m thankful for all my amazing inspiring friends!

I love it! A sarcastic one, an Alison-esque one, and a beautiful prayer of thanks from Catherine…thanks everyone!

Today I took my Organic Chem final…thank God it’s over. Actually, I didn’t think it was too bad, despite the fact that I was unsure of a few of the answers (relative base strengths or *confusing* organometallic couplings, anyone?). Errrgh. Oh well. I think I did pretty well, and am not that worried about the grade. In fact, I think I would even go so far as to say that I enjoyed O-Chem. I can’t wait for next semester!

After the test, I walked over to the Pryz and did some Physics homework for a while. At around noon I felt kind of dizzy (probably the effect of not eating all day for fear it would upset my already nervous stomach) and went home. Since 1PM I have been here at home, enjoying the fact that I only have to worry about a Friday Physics exam. I don’t have too much more studying to do for that…I realized that once I got into the groove of things in Physics, everything clicked and all I need is a review.

Tonight (after studying of course) I am going to watch Fellowship of the Ring – I already watched a few scenes from The Matrix for the heck of it – and work on Christmas cards.

By the way, there’s an AWESOME new website for the Olympic athletes…check out Apolo Anton Ohno’s profile. *Gosh* I remember watching him four years ago (wow – I can’t believe it’s been four years!). But cats? I would never trust a cat person. Of course, a Shitzu’s not much better…

Good night and good luck to all those who have finals tomorrow! I’m praying for you.

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