Two Down, Two to Go

December 13, 2005 § Leave a comment

The philosophy exam seems to have gone well yesterday; it was very difficult to stay sharp for two entire hours, but I think I did alright. Unfortunately, the TA proctored the test but Dr. White was there at the beginning and at the very end. Dr. White was AWESOME enough to give us only ten questions instead of twelve – I think that twelve would have killed me. As it was, when I left I felt such a flood of relief I had to lean against the wall to keep from passing out in the hallway. (We got our papers back too…everything happened at once!)

After the test I had a pretty fun day RESPONSIBLY forgetting about studying. I met Alys in the Pryz and we chatted a bit (after she scared the daylights out of me!), and then I headed over to the Shrine. Mr. Mazzucca looked kind of bored so I stopped by and talked to him for about an hour or so: he told me some stories about school, gave me some advice on studying, and told me a little about his late wife and how much he misses her. Then a nun came out of one of the offices and handed him a pin, signifying how long he has worked at the Shrine. He turned around, looked at me, and said: “Rosemary [his wife] would have done this for me – would you please do me the honor?” It was a great honor, considering that he used to be a Vice Admiral and “pinning the rank” is usually reserved for family members (such as a wife or daughter). I think there were tears in both my eyes and his.

Later I went over to the Pryz to check my email, and putzed around for a while there. At one point I was leaning over the railing of the second floor, just looking at the people downstairs. I had this feeling that someone was standing near me, and out of the corner of my eye saw that it was an elderly man. I turned to smile at him and be friendly, and to my shock – there stood Cardinal McCarrick! In my surprise I barely got the words: “Hello, your Eminence” out my my mouth. He got a chuckle out of my apparent surprise, and then Fr. O’Connell came up and shuffled him away to a meeting of some sort. Haha – the Cardinal was absolutely the LAST person I expected to see standing at my elbow in the Pryz!

Afterwards, I headed back to the Shrine to meet Anne for a snack. We had a nice chat, and then I got an answer from Dr. White on my cell phone that I could come over and meet him at 4PM to look over my paper. I excused myself and left. On the way over to his office, someone beeped at me in the parking lot. I confess that at first I was quite annoyed and likely scowled at the person who did so, but then I realized that it was Mrs. Garner from St. Mary’s so I stopped to chat for a minute or two. She was making a pilgrimage for Our Lady of Guadalupe.

In his office, Dr. White and I discussed the paper and the class in general (I had a couple more questions about Aristotle). Directly afterwards I left and went home…to study for Logic this morning!

The Logic test was A LOT easier than I thought it was going to be…or maybe the proofs are just coming easier to me with practice. But anyway, I think it went really well. On my way out of the Physics building I ran into Chris (TA of Physics pursuing his doctorate) and we chatted for a while. He’s a really nice guy, and unfortunately I haven’t had a big chance to talk to him this semester. But he was sure to emphasize the fact that he will be here for a few more years…hmmmm…I wonder.

Anyway, so I’ll be on campus for a while today (but not as long as yesterday). I’m meeting Elizabeth for lunch and then Alys to go over the last O-Chem test. Tomorrow is the chem final…God help me. Tonight I am going to review the stuff, because to be honest I studied enough for each test to know the material pretty well for the final. I’m not too worried, but I am hoping there are no surprises.

Two more to go! Hooray!!!!!!!!

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