“Doing” Philosophy

December 10, 2005 § Leave a comment

Sorry Alison…I just had to post of picture of you today. This morning I was perusing facebook (haha-procrastinating again!) and it just struck me what a beautiful girl you are. Everyone who knows you should thank you kindly for your contribution to aesthetic pleasure in the world of today…anyway..

Today I spent the whole day philosophizing, or rather, looking over Lewis, Wallace, Plato, Aristotle, and my new friend Aquinas. Tomorrow: Kant and Kass. I won’t burden anyone with quotables today, because they would all be from philosophers about random subjects that wouldn’t make any sense. Yesterday Dr. White advised us to “overlook” all our readings for the semester, causing momentary confusion in the classroom before he corrected himself with “look-over.” That is a pretty fundamental difference!

Otherwise, I did a little more work on my Christmas cards this afternoon. Sadly I worked so hard on philosophy I did little else all day, though I did take a break to work some Symbolic Logic problems to prep for THAT test. Oh well. My brain is really tired now.

Kenny (my brother) is going to sleep in my room tonight, and instead of watching a movie we are just going to chat. That is something we haven’t done in a really loooong time. Both of us are kind of disconnected from the other, and I think it will be a good thing to catch up with “my confidante”.

I hate posts on boring days. They are just…boring. I hope everyone else is having a fantastically exciting weekend!

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