Wanting to Cry in the Dean’s Office

November 29, 2005 § Leave a comment

So, I got called to the Dean’s office (Arts & Sciences) this afternoon. Yes – I nearly cried, but thankfully kept my composure the whole time. Although she only yesterday gave me permission to take 25 credit hours, she took them away today and said that I was “offending the academic integrity of the school” to overelect like that. But she didn’t stop there; she tried to take away my chemistry research credits as well. And you may expect that she had me and my busy schedule in mind: the answer is not at all. For nearly 45 minutes she fed me B.S. about the “seriousness of the institution” and how much I had “offended” it. The argument skirted the real problem the whole time – they are losing money if I take more credits than they want me to.

I am not upset about not being able to audit Dr. White’s class. But I do take issue with this stupid integrity bunk they are feeding me. What does this mean for the rest of my career at this school? Perhaps it is no coincidence that people keep mentioning Providence to me…maybe I should transfer. But that would disappoint a lot of people, and I don’t think I could bear to leave the wonderful people I know here. :::sniff:::

And then, to top everything off, she resorted to threats. “Though it is between you and the teacher”, she said, “if you were to even try to sit in on the class, Dr. White could get in a lot of trouble.” That was a low blow, and entirely unfair.

It wasn’t a good day.

I don’t even remember what happened the rest of the day. I guess I had Symbolic Logic class (good – I was brave enough not to skip today), Theology class (boooooooring!), and then Physics lab (:::sarcastically::: my favorite class). At least I had the pleasure of eating lunch with a bunch of my girlfriends, and we giggled about teachers/Whitisms/etc. A favorite topic was laughing about how uncomfortable it was when sex came up in class yesterday…and Dr. White took on the topic with great gusto. There was just something wrong about it; of all teachers one just doesn’t want to hear about it from Dr. White. :-P

I’m listening to Christmas music right now…Clay Aiken…and my mood is improving. Soon I think I will feel well enough to work on my chem lab for tomorrow. I think I am coming down with something…:::sneeze:::

Oh well.

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