Two more weeks of Class!!!

November 28, 2005 § 1 Comment

:::jumps about in excitement::: The UK finally released a soundtrack for the Foyle’s War television series! I think I know what I will be buying myself for Christmas. Last night I finished watching the third episode of season three – it was excellent as usual. Foyle’s War is my absolute favorite television show, from Britain or anywhere else. Hopefully they don’t stop making them anytime soon…

Just to prove that my mind is starting to wander…today I scrawled across my physics homework:

DCS Christopher Foyle…widower, unhappy with his part in the war effort…Sgt. Milner…troubled marriage, lost a leg in the war…Sam Stewart…innocent, amateur sleuth…Andrew Foyle…pilot, troublemaker…


The rest of my day was fairly normal, and I spent most of my time getting used to being on campus/at the Shrine again. In the afternoon I dropped off some cookies for Msgr. Rossi and then dropped by Dr. White’s office to ask some questions about the Hungry Soul and to request a letter of permission to take his class next semester. The dean of Arts & Sciences finally gave me permission today to up my credit hours to 25, but only after grades are posted and only if I have above a 3.0. No problem there.

Just for the heck of it, here are the course descriptions for what I am taking next semester:

Organic Chemistry II
The continuation of 203, extending the functional classes studied to aromatics, ethers, epoxides, alcohols, carbonyl compounds and amines.

Organic Chemistry Lab II

Undergrad Guided Research
Guided participation in the research project of a consenting faculty member chosen by the student.

University Physics II
Electricity, magnetism, and light. Topics of interest to biology concentrators, pre-medical and computer science students.

Physics Lab II

Theologies of the Old Testament
This course offers an introduction to the books and theologies of the Old Testament. It will cover priestly history, Deuteronomic history, the prophets, and Wisdom literature. Proposes and examines methods for interpreting the Old Testament, especially in light of the Second Vatican Council’s Decree on Divine Revelation.

Contemporary Moral Issues
A study of ethical principles and their application to selected moral issues from various fields of contemporary human action.

Philosophy of Knowledge
A study of knowledge in the context of belief, ignorance, and error, with attention to truth and falsity, justification, explanation, desirability of knowledge, the distinction between useful and liberal knowledge, and relativism.

Ultimate Questions
Aristotle’s Metaphysics and Aquinas’ Summae Theologia provide the basis for the examination of the transition from being to a natural theology and the subsequent modern embrace of rationalism. “Ultimates” to be questioned include: Being, Truth, and the Good. Readings complemented by texts of David Hume and Immanuel Kant.

Don’t these classes looking terribly exciting? Actually, almost all of them look like fun to me…with perhaps the sole exception of Physics lab. :::blech::: I hate physics lab.

§ One Response to Two more weeks of Class!!!

  • That is an awful lot of credit hours.

    You are not invulnerable, Carrots.

    Have you talked it over with professors, and with your parents?

    Have you prayed over it?

    I am glad that you like learning, but I want you to have fun, too.

    There are only so many hours in a day and week. In retrospect I think I missed a lot when I was a kid taking 21 hour semesters. When tests and papers come due, usually at the same time, there is tremendous stress.

    Take care of yourself, please.

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