It’s all Downhill from Here…:::Thank God:::

November 9, 2005 § Leave a comment

Campus Quotables:

“Bring me some lunch!” ~ our commuter bus driver, in response to another bus driver commenting that this morning’s horrendous traffic was a “bit slow”

“Oh, you guys would do so well in Vegas.” ~ Dr. Pegg, commenting on our habit of guessing in class

“You should all learn the four basic language in the order they deserve: Latin and Greek, German and French.” ~ Dr. White

“You are all familiar with that, I’m sure.” ~ Dr. White (the preacher Hofstede’s attack on Marmontel’s Belisar – what???)

“The question, I think, is whether you are going to curve the grades or not.” ~ cute guy sitting behind me in Physics, in response to Dr. Pegg asking if there were any questions

“We s*** at life.” ~ a sobering comment from an anonymous student

“It could well be that on another planet there might be rational beings who could not think in any other way but aloud. These beings would not be able to have thoughts without voicing them at the same time, whether they be awake or asleep, whether in the company of others or alone….unless they are as pure as angels, we cannot conceive how they would be able to live at peace with each other,…” ~ Immanuel Kant

A conversation in lab, while we were washing out some strangely dirty flasks that we know we cleaned last week:
Me: “Hmmmm…I thing some lab gremlins have gotten into our lab drawers.”
Alys: “By that, of course, you mean freshmen.”
Me: Laughing hard and agreeing profusely.

Anyway, so it was a very good day for quotables. As for events of the day….there was horrible traffic this morning into D.C. so it took a really really long time to get to school. I walked in just before Mrs. Brewer :::sigh of relief:::. Physics was okay. Philosophy, as usual, was an incredible amount of fun, and I walked up to McMahon with Dr. White afterwards. On the way he discovered (from my asking where he got his German translation of Kant) that I am fairly decent at German, and decided (to my dismay!!!) that I am to be the official translator for the class for Kant. He said that I know more of the language than he does…I highly doubt that. Yikes!

Chem lab was kind of a cumulative experiment, using distillation, separation, filtration, and IR spectrophotometry. Consequently it ran over time roughly a half an hour, and it was dark when I left Maloney. Not to thrilled about the idea of riding the Metro in the dark, I called Daddy and he is coming to pick me up right now at the library. *sigh* And I wanted to finish physics tonight too…perhaps I still can.

So…today is the feast of the Basilica of St. John Lateran, where we celebrate the apostolic succession and the pontificate. It is amazing to consider how the Catholic Church can trace its line of “rulers” straight back from its 256th pope, Pope Benedict XVI, to its first, St. Peter himself. St. Peter, who received the “keys to the kingdom” from Christ Himself. Days like these are favorites of mine, where I get to indulge in the rich history and tradition of the beautiful Catholic Church. There is none other like it in the entire world.

The day ended pretty well, when I met JP outside the Pryz. He continued to good-naturedly heckle me about “having my feminist sensibilities offended” by Kant. Hey – I am nooooo feminist, as JP could probably attest to himself. But while some of the things Kant says about women are true (more things than I would like to admit), some of the other things he says are offensive. Oh it’s going to be a fun next two weeks talking with JP….:-P We are going to have a great time chatting about it.

St. Peter, pray for us, that we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ.

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