The Walking Dead

November 8, 2005 § Leave a comment

Campus Quotables:

:::shaking his pen at me::: “[Genna] is always laughing at me! I have to find something to pick on her for so I can laugh at her!” ~ Dr. Capizzi

“Collectively, the more civilized men are, the more they are actors.” ~ Immanuel Kant

“My dear friends, there is no friend.” ~ Aristotle

So, today I am like the walking dead I am so tired. The Shrine Liturgy committee asked me to be on call for the 8AM Mass every morning, so I have to get up at 5AM to catch the bus in time to get down to campus that early. *sigh* Hopefully after one week of this my body will adjust and I will be able to stay awake. Until then I am in misery!!!

I was going to write a meditation on the difference between hope and presumption in the Catholic faith, but I’m not sure it would be coherent at this point. You are all spared until tomorrow, at least, if I feel like writing about it. The mood may have passed by then.

The first people I saw today (who I never see on Tuesdays!) were the Brewers. They were sitting together on the couch of the ground floor of the Pryz, drinking coffee, when I walked in this morning. They waved at me and I stopped to say hello. There is nothing like a friendly Brewer hello in the early morning to brighten your day.

I had two tests today, one in Logic and one in Physics. The logic one went better than expected, and I’m not really certain about Physics. Before I went in I felt really comfortable with it, but the first question (out of three) turned me on my head. Hopefully I got at least the first part of it right…and I know I got the other two problems correct. I talked to Dr. Pegg afterward, and he said a majority of the class didn’t even get past the first problem in an hour so I figure I am on fairly good ground. I don’t understand what was wrong with that first problem – I did SO MANY PROBLEMS FROM THAT CHAPTER! :::aaaargh:::: Ah well. :::breath:::

Tomorrow is chem lab – sadly there is not much exciting about the experiment; just isolation of oil of cloves by steam distillation (so at least the lab will smell good. Last week I nearly passed out because of whatever we were working with). The solvent though, methylene chloride, is a cancer-causing substance so at least something is fun about it.

Which reminds me, I have a lot to do tonight yet. I already prepped for lab (notebooks due tomorrow!) but I have to do a couple homework problems and read 70 pages or so of good old Kant. :::blech::: I hate his philosophy…so negative.

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