I Need Some Sleep

November 7, 2005 § 1 Comment

Campus Quotables for today:

The difference between the sexes:
“Well, not to demean my sex or anything, but I am a girl.” (Me, in response to an accusation from JP that I was being illogical.)
“I mean, not to demean my sex, but I am a boy.” (JP, in response to a question I put to him regarding shoe fashion.)

:::smirking in his own little way::: “Ah yes, Kant’s a riot.” ~ Dr. White

“Kant regarded Christ as the greatest moral teacher, before Kant.” ~ An old professor of Dr. White’s

So many fantastic things are said on this campus every day that I just had to give a sample!

Last night I was having some emotional problems, and, after spending a while crying, randomly got online and IM’ed JP. Realizing I was upset, he urged me to tell all and I did. Thank God – it takes a guy to tell you that you are being overemotional, illogical, and “silly”, as he put it. What would I do without JP? He is such a good friend. Soon I had stopped crying and feeling badly and launched into a deep conversation with JP regarding the questions whether (a) Latin dancing is a legitimate and allowable expression of sexual passion, and (b) if Immanuel Kant agreed with it [Latin dancing]. Our conclusions were satisfactory, I guess, both answers being in the affirmative. Ah – the questions that we college students consider have such reverberations!

On a more serious note, I feel obligated to give a testimony of sorts here. I am going to give a rather truncated version of the (long) story but that’s okay. People don’t have to know *all* the petty details of my life!

Over the years I have always had trouble “dealing” with Mary in my own Catholic faith. It’s not so much that I did not acknowledge her position of honor as the Mother of God, but rather that I felt I should have some kind of attachment to her like others did. This insecurity came to a head within me at the beginning of last summer, when I was reading a biography of C.S. Lewis. The author focused on Lewis’ Protestant faith and the problems that Lewis had with the Catholic Church. Most of these problems centered on Mary’s position in the Church.

Quite seriously the book shook me badly, because as I read Lewis’ description of his “problems” with Mary I found I was agreeing with him far too much. Later that morning I went to Mass and spoke with Fr. Baer for a long time. I left with three or four books to read about Mary, with passages highlighted by Fr. Baer.

Spiritually I could feel things moving as I read those books…a veil was lifted and I slowly began to appreciate Mary’s position in the Catholic Church. Never will I be emotionally attached to Mary, but I feel confident that I can appreciate her as the Mother of the Man who died for me, and the Mother who is always willing to lend a helping hand.

Another development in this spiritual growth came on October 7th, the Feast of the Holy Rosary. Father Rossi gave a homily that day, a simple on describing the benefits of a daily rosary from his own experience. But this time the recommendation fell on tilled soil within my soul, and I decided to begin saying a daily rosary. For the first time in four years, I hit my knees with my beads in hand.

Now it has been nearly a month, and while the daily rosary cannot yet be called habitual, I am noticing a difference in my life. Not a huge, remarkable difference, mind you. But more of a quiet peace underlying everything that I do, which reminds me of the feeling I get when I hear my mother humming as she cleans downstairs on Saturday mornings. This semester I am not tearing my hair out with stress, and though the work isn’t coming easily it isn’t insanely difficult either.

Anyway, enough of self-reflection. Because of a large cup of tea too much last night, I got four hours of sleep and am absolutely exhausted. Keep in your prayers (for me!) a friend of mine who dislocated his shoulder in a hockey game the other night and is in a lot of pain.

Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary, pray for us, that we may be worthy of the promises of Christ.

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  • hey girl! i’m so sorry that you were sad the other night…but i agree, huzzah for men and their pragmatic approach! (much as i want to hit them for it at times! lol)
    as far as devotion to Our Lady goes- I think that if you keep on praying the rosary, you might find that an emotional attachment will develop. If not, oh well, who cares…prayer is even more pleasing to God when you’re doing it out of faith, not feelings! you go girl! God bless you! prayin for ya!

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