An “Interesting” Day

October 20, 2005 § Leave a comment

I had kind of an interesting day today….yes, that is the only way to describe it. It wasn’t really good or bad, just interesting, and a little confusing.

First of all, I started out the day by literally falling out of the commuter bus. And of course, for some reason the driver always stops with the doors opening out right into a tree, so I landed on the roots, scratched myself up and bumped my head. An old fellow who was getting out behind me helped me up and was very concerned. Oddly, I would normally be embarrassed by something like this, but today I really didn’t care. Maybe I was still half asleep.

Logic class was alright, and I actually was able to solve one of the problems symbolically when called on instead of looking bewildered. (I didn’t really want to look stupid in front of Mike again!) Also, I found it convenient to open my mouth in Theology class today. I say “convenient” because it’s not that I am too scared to say anything, but nothing ever strikes me as meriting any comment on my part. But I don’t really want a bad class participation grade, so I try to say something every few classes if possible.

Before class, Dr. Capizzi passed his palm pilot around for the students (mostly female) to see pictures of his little girls. They were really cute! Actually…I think I know where to find a photo of them online; perhaps I will post it.

After classes, I went to Mass. On the way I met Fr. Fisher, who surprised me entirely by not only remembering my name but what my major is and where I live. He was cute in a funny way – after mentioning each of the facts that he knew about me he declared proudly that since I took the time to introduce myself, he remembered who I was. I laughed and we chatted a couple more minutes about his “bunker” (office) in the basement of the Shrine. He lamented that he has no windows…it was kind of an odd conversation.

During Mass I was lucky enough to sit next to a woman who was over-eager to put the kneeler in the “up” position. Throwing it up without warning, she caught my hand in the kneeler, successfully tearing my hand up so that I bled throughout the rest of Mass. Ah well. She didn’t even notice that she did it.

I ran around with the Liturgy lady afterwards and she told me everything I need to know to lector in the Crypt. Never before have I been in the sacristy there – it was bigger than my neighbor’s house! It looks like I will be fine lectoring there, as long as I don’t get lost in the myriads of walk-in cabinets/closets and partitions that are the sacristy. :-P

Later, I had a advisement session with Dr. Merkel and picked out all my classes for next semester. In front of the Pryz, I ran into JP and we walked to get his mail like we always do on Thursdays. I wait to the side of the window while he picks up his packages, and then we walk down to his Islam class on the other side of campus. Today we ran into Dr. White in the mail room, and chatted for a minute with him about the midterm (supportive words!) and about tomorrow’s homework.

After JP went to class, I chatted with Erin for a while, and then headed to the Chem building to see if I could find Mrs. Dr. Brewer to answer a question. Neither Brewer was anywhere to be found, so I went to the Shrine to finish my Chem lab write-up before I went home.

To be really random, I read an early review of that new movie “Shopgirl” coming out and starring Steve Martin. It is rated R for “sensuality”, which deters me somewhat but I am kind of interested in seeing it. :::raises eyebrows::: I will have to wait and read the Christian reviews, if there are any, after it comes out. Maybe I will see it – I really like Steve Martin and it sounds like a fairly good story.

All in all, it was kind of (like I said) an interesting day and I am now really tired. Unfortunately, I can’t go to sleep because I have to study Organic for the quiz tomorrow morning *bright and early*. At least tomorrow is Friday.

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