“Do You Want Me to Be Honest or Flatter You?”

October 19, 2005 § Leave a comment

…words quoted from Dr. White’s lecture after class this afternoon. It was absolutely miserable. Apparently several students emailed/talked to our philosopher professor and called him some not-so-nice things. He quoted a few of them to us, and then spent the rest of the time defending himself against the unjust allegations of unfairness and favoritism. Why can’t students – sophomores and HONORS STUDENTS (hello?!) – be more mature and act their age? If they get a bad grade, then it is their own fault and they need to study harder. Poor Dr. White; he was quite upset by the end of class, and all the other students left in a huff. To be quite honest, I was embarrassed to be a part of that class today. No one ever really argued with Fr. Shanley – I think because he put the fear of God in us. Dr. White is just way too nice, and surprises people when he is a picky grader. Grrrrr….

Unfortunately this event colored most of my day after that. I stopped by Mrs. Dr. Brewer’s office to go over my last test and ask some questions to prep for the next one and the quiz this Friday. After she helped me out, we chatted for a while about her children, parenting, commuting (she was an undergrad commuter!), chemistry majors, lazy students these days, how she met Mr. Dr. Brewer, his genius, etc. It was really a nice chat and time flew by. Before I knew it it was time for lab.

Lab was okay – at least Matt wasn’t nasty today. Alys and I had to redo our experiment because somehow our sample of ibuprofen was contaminated with acetaminophen…I have no idea how that happened but it totally messed up the TLC. Ah well. We were still finished by 5PM so it was no big deal.

A funny quote from Aquinas: “As Boethius said, an argument from authority is the weakest kind of argument.”

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