Oh, My HEAD!

October 18, 2005 § Leave a comment

I’m really exhausted today and I don’t know why…usually I am tired on Wednesday, not Tuesday. Ah well. (And NO! I don’t have mono! Everyone is always asking me that; how the heck would I get it?) Anyway, somehow I need to collect my scattered thoughts enough to do some decent homework tonight.

Today’s schedule included Symbolic Logic class (got back our midterms), Theology class (got back a paper), Physics “quiztest” (I say quiztest because the quizzes really are worth more than the tests), and Physics lab. Lab was quite entertaining: we catapulted little steel balls back and forth across the room, I think to measure kinetic energy and momentum. Not accidentally, I got pelted probably three or four times by one guy – Daddy calls that flirting but I say it is simply annoying.

After classes, I kept this guy Frank company while he ate lunch – he is really nice and we enjoy picking on each other for things. We got into an argument about whether Dr. Schneck is a philosopher or a politician…don’t even ask. But no definite conclusion was reached, and I made him promise that he would ask Dr. Schneck tomorrow and let me know what he says. We’ll see if I’m right…I say that Dr. Schneck is an incorrupt politician. Somehow he makes it possible, as unlikely as it seems.

Enough procrastinating. I am going to find some dinner and settle down to some homework before James Herriot and bed. *sigh* My life sounds so boring, but it really isn’t, I promise!

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