Shrine Floors….

October 13, 2005 § Leave a comment

Guess what? They waxed the floors at the Shrine today! Isn’t that great?! :::winkwink:::

In other news, yesterday I quite accidentally got to meet Msgr. Rossi. I say “accidentally” because I was just going to leave a piece of cake and a note of introduction with his secretary…if you knew the Msgr. you would understand my apprehension. He is dramatic, Italian, and a formidable character. But he just happened to walk in while I was there.

I was entirely wrong about the Monsignor. He is the one of the sweetest and humblest men I have ever met. Also, he has very gentle eyes (okay, this is starting to sound sappy) and a wonderful smile. For a few minutes he just chatted with me, and thanked me for the cake. Never again will I let other people’s opinions of a person color what I think of them.

Later, I took a step that I have been planning on for about a year: at Msgr. Rossi’s prodding, I signed up to be a lector/Eucharistic Minister at the Shrine. The liturgy committee is going to walk me through everything next week and then they are going to throw me up there on the altar in the Crypt Church.

Though it was rainy and a little cold, I was having trouble staying awake and decided to do some studying outside this afternoon outside of the Physics building. AJ came by and said hello and that he was going to eat in the Pryz. After he left, Dr. White came out of the Physics building…I think the other section of his Philosophy class is held there. He waved, smiled, came over to the bench, and thanked me for the cake I gave him the other day. I’m really glad that he enjoyed it; it always gives me great satisfaction to have my “domestic side” praised. :-P

Dr. White left, and I went off to find AJ. I chatted with he and a friend while they had some dinner (I guess) and had a great time, despite the teasing.

Now I am home, in a full house! Three of my father’s cousins are visiting from California for a few days to see D.C. I think Fr. Ed is glad to have a hint of CA in the house…he loves making jokes about it with them. It definitely spices things up a bit to have guests. Tomorrow my uncle, aunt, and their five little ones are coming to visit for the weekend as well.

Oh yeah; I had a Logic test today. No problem there…it was a piece of cake just as I thought. I can’t help feeling as though my lack of studying for that class is going to bite me in the end. I just pour all my extra effort into Chemistry!

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