October 11, 2005 § 1 Comment

Okay, so I changed my picture here and on facebook. My mom said that it is a good photo, but I have no idea. Anyway, it’s there and I don’t feel like changing it again. Kenny took the picture while we were driving home from Oxford in England – and I didn’t want my picture taken at all.

It’s all downhill from here – the Organic Chemistry test is over!!! Thankfully there were no surprises so I think I did pretty well; we shall see. That test has been gnawing at me for over two weeks, and now I don’t know what to do since it is over. Start studying for the next one, I suppose…

To celebrate my tests being finished (at least for the most part), I designated this afternoon “social time” and enjoyed myself. First I met a wonderful girl (freshman) named Abby for lunch, and we chatted for about an hour an a half. I have seen her at morning Masses/lurking in hallways, and finally had a chance to get together. I am really glad because she is a gem and a fellow “Shrine lurker”.

Yesterday I made my famous coffee cake so I also got to surprise my professors with treats. This is a ritual I enjoy more than all others. Leaving it in their mailboxes, wrapped in foil; they all know who left it. I think JP appreciates it as well. Oftentimes I have been called “quaint”, “random”, and even “unusual” for this practice, but I don’t care. It is too much fun. I suppose it could be mistaken for brownnosing or something, but my intentions are good and my teachers know that.

I ended the afternoon by dropping by Dr. White’s office; I had a question regarding Aquinas (and some cake!). He answered my question fairly quickly, and then I had the idea to ask him if he knew of any resources I could use for my 12-page theology paper. Soon he was rifling through Aquinas and Pieper, giving me lots of page numbers and chapters, and finished with a promise of more over the email when he had a chance to think a bit. How nice he was! After the flurry of activity, we just sat and chatted for a while about commuting, chemistry, and Canada. Until now I have never been interested in Canada, but Dr. White makes it sound entchanting. I will have to visit a some point (another thing for my “100 Things to do in my Life” list).

Otherwise, the day has been fairly quiet…and the rest of the week will be as well. On Thursday I have an outline due for this paper in theology, and a test in Logic but I am not worried at all. Piece of cake. One thing that might mar my serenity is getting the Physics midterms back tomorrow…*yuck*. Dr. Pegg can keep mine. Ah well; at least, like my mother said, I have the rest of the semester to pull up the grade as best I can.

Say some prayers for the Brewers…I heard something about a hospital visit today, but I don’t know anything else. I hope everything is alright.

Happy Feast Day to all “Kenneths” out there!

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