Schneck Constitution Lecture Satisfies Federal Requirement

September 29, 2005 § Leave a comment

(from The Tower, Friday, September 23)

Professor Stephen F. Schneck, Chair of the Department of Politics and Director of Congressional Studies, presented a lecture this past Tuesday entitled “The Origins and Ideas of the 1787 Constitution”. The lecture was held in commemoration of Constitution Day to fulfill requirements for universities that accept federal funding.

Dr. Schneck began the presentation with the historical background of the United States Consitution. Then, he went on to focus on the four main ideologies that, according to Schneck, shaped the Constitution: Protestant theology, English liberalism, Whig constitutionalism, and the Scottish political economy. At the conclusion of his lecture, he also took questions from students and faculty members that were present.

The refreshments that were served during the lecture were personally chosen by Schneck for a purpose. He explained how, when he decided which foods to offer, he though that oysters would be especially appropriate, since the “Oyster Wars” of the 1780s were a factor in spreading awareness of the need for a new Constitution.

Stephanie Parsons, a senior English major, stated: “I very much enjoyed this lecture and think Constitution Day is a worthwhile holiday which I hope is the start of a strong tradition that honors our remarkable government and political ideals.”
Unfortunately, I missed what was essentially an awesome presentation by Dr. Schneck. Why? Because I didn’t see the stupid announcement on the school home page! If I had known it was going on, I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. Just to hear his voice again….I miss his lectures.

He is such a wonderful man, even if he is liberal. :::wink::: Much to my parents’ chagrin, Dr. Schneck is one of my role models and most trusted advisors (if I can ever get a chance to talk to him in the midst of his schedule, that is). Kevin seems to think that poor Dr. Schneck is slowly wearing down my resistance and that I will soon be beyond hope. Hmmm…..

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