Four Weeks

September 19, 2005 § 2 Comments

Already we are beginning our fourth week of classes – it’s hard to believe that time can fly so quickly. This afternoon I was listening to the radio in the car and one song came on by Nichole Nordeman that really struck me. The sentiments are beautiful, describing the leap of faith we all must take at one point or another:

What if you’re right?
And He was just another nice guy
What if you’re right?
What if it’s true?
They say the cross will only make a fool of you.
And what if it’s true?
What if He takes his place in history
With all the prophets and the kings
Who taught us love and came in peace
But then the story ends
What then?
But what if you’re wrong?
What if there’s more?
What if there’s hope you never dreamed of hoping for?
What if you jump?
And just close your eyes?
What if the arms that catch you, catch you by surprise?
What if He’s more than enough?
What if it’s love?
What if you dig
Way down deeper than your simple-minded friends
What if you dig?
What if you find
A thousand more unanswered questions down inside
That’s all you find?
What if you pick apart the logic
And begin to poke the holes
What if the crown of thorns is no more
Than folklore that must be told and retold?
You’ve been running as fast as you can
You’ve been looking for a place you can land for so long
But what if you’re wrong?
Isn’t that gorgeous? I just love Christian music; there is no more exciting way to worship (outside of Mass, of course.) If I am anywhere near a music player/radio, I am listening to Christian music stations or my Christian CDs. Secular music just seems so…useless.
My day went really well. Daddy is home again, so he dropped me off for the bus ride downtown at 6:30AM. During the day my three Monday classes run thus: Organic Chemistry, Physics, and then Philosophy of Human Nature. All three teachers are absolutely fantastic.
Although we took a major test on Friday in Orgo, we weren’t fortunate enough to get it back this morning. *sigh* I hate the tension of not knowing my score. Instead we launched right into cis/trans isomerism in alkenes, how to name them, and how to determine the stability of each isomer. It really is fascinating stuff, and I am enjoying it immensely. (Mrs.) Dr. Brewer is such a mother figure to her class, always gently correcting our behavior if we step out of line in reference to our classmates and asking us about the boring details of our weekend. I feel so at home when I am around she and her husband: they are two of the most wonderful souls on the planet and I have been truly blessed to know them. Honestly, they have become my family away from home.
Physics was a hassle as usual, but I did find that I brought my quiz grade up from two weeks ago. I don’t enjoy the subject too much, but it is a necessary evil if I want my Chemistry degree. Nonetheless, the teacher, Dr. Ian Pegg, is a very patient man. But I always feel as though the only way to describe him in two words would be “potential energy”. Throughout class time he paces back and forth energetically and clears his throat nervously every other second. A slightly red-faced Aussie who is prematurely graying, Dr. Pegg is one of those people that you suppose lives in his office. He just loves Physics that much.
At first I wasn’t sure what to make of our philosophy teacher, but ultimately he has completely charmed us all. From the first time he cracked one of his rasping-dry witticisms to the end of the day when he nervously plucks at the bottom of his (sole) tie, Dr. White has held me captive, at least. Not once have I checked my watch during his classes. Today we spend the hour discussing Aristotle’s De Anima, which we are currently reading. On Friday I have to turn in my first paper for him: a rather complicated piece on the similiarities/differences between Plato’s account of creation in Timaeus and Moses’ in Genesis. If it all works out I think it will be a decent paper, though nothing will every rival my Shanley essays.
After classes I chatted with JP for a minute or two and then slipped away to find my newfound friend Anne at the Shrine. A truly wonderful, faith-filled, jubilant girl, Anne has danced into my life at school. Because of her unfortunate situation as a new transfer student and commuter, she is a little unsure of herself in her surroundings, but I think she will adapt through prayer. Before I caught my bus at 3:30PM we enjoyed a short sojourn to the Air & Space Museum. I had been with the Lewis cousins in late June, but missed out on the Wright Brothers Exhibit, so I wanted to go back. Of course, Anne didn’t tell me until afterward that she didn’t really find that stuff very interesting because she had seen it so often! Ah well; next time we are going to the Holocaust Museum or an art museum.
For the rest of the afternoon I have been drinking tea with my mother, chatting, and (of course) doing homework. The piles of work are relentless this year. One of the only things that keeps me sane is ritually reading two chapters of James Herriot every night. What a blessed man he was! There is some kind of comfort in reading about someone else who was dragged out of bed at unholy hours…

§ 2 Responses to Four Weeks

  • Theo C says:

    Nichole Nordeman is a wonderful singer. She composes most of her won work, too. Did you know that she is doing some of the music for the NARNIA movie?

    Two songs I really like are “Someday” and “Real to Me”:


    I believe in the rest of the story
    I believe there’s still ink in the pen
    I have wasted my very last day
    Trying to change what happened way back when

    I believe it’s the human condition
    We all need to have answers to why
    More than ever, I’m ready to say that I
    Will still sleep peacefully
    With answers out of reach from me until?

    Someday all that’s crazy
    All that’s unexplained
    Will fall into place
    And someday all that’s hazy
    Through a clouded glass
    Will be clear at last
    And sometimes we’re just waiting
    For someday

    We are born with a lingering hunger
    We are born to be unsatisfied
    We are strangers who can’t help but wander
    And dream about the other side of?

    Every puzzle’s missing piece
    Every unsolved mystery
    More than half of every whole
    Rests in the Hands that hold you for someday?.

    Real To Me

    Every time I try to find you
    Every road comes back around
    Just another hoop to jump through
    Another mile of covered ground

    I am weary of the answers
    More theory and cliché
    They raise the letter of the law like a banner
    ‘Til you’re small and far away

    All the questions in my head
    Are from my heart instead

    Be real to me now
    That’s all I’m asking
    Be real to me now

    Every scribe and every scholar
    No winners in this debate
    Everybody seems to stand up taller
    When you’re easy to explain

    I don’t need to know what I don’t know
    Just got to let it go

    Be real to me now
    That’s all I’m asking
    Be real somehow
    More than anything
    More than anything

    So lay down the sword
    And put away the doctrine
    Love a little more, love a little more
    ‘Cause everybody’s broken

    Peanut, maybe we can talk about the meaning of such songs sometime? I am very happy that you are remaining online. I enjoy you blog.

    It would be nice if you could visit mine some time and comment. There are a lot of us Catholic bloggers out there. I have made links on my blog to some of them. Catholic students need to witness to others, particularly those who are supposed to be Catholic but no longer practice or ridicule the Church at every turn.

    We have Mass everyday at Georgetown, although very few students go.

    My attention was alerted when I read about you going to the Shrine some months back. Do you go every day?


  • ahhhh! haven’t looked at your site in a while, and you’ve been spreading falsities about me behind my back! lol i had an awesome time at the museum!! i especially liked the art part! hahah
    thanks for the kind words! and speaking of dancing…i learned how to polka and chacha this weekend! :)
    hang in there- you’ll make it through this week! praying for ya!

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