Really Cute Article

July 19, 2005 § 2 Comments He even plays the piano! What a wonderful pope he is…

§ 2 Responses to Really Cute Article

  • Notice the picture of the papal cats!

  • auntlori says:

    ….he has already won admiration for his growing rapport with ordinary Catholics……

    ordinary Catholics?????
    Catholics are anything but ORDINARY!

    And Benedict’s new coat of arms reflects this new sense of humility and simplicity.

    This is utter nonsense! He has long been spoken of as a humble and simple man! new sense! What utter bosh!

    His heraldic shield is topped not by the papal tiara or crown, but by a simple bishop’s mitre.

    ummmmmmmmmm……… might that be because he is the Bishop of Rome???

    The BBC — so anti-Catholic they should don their silly hats (as in Guy Fawkes) and burn the Pope in effigy.

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