Saturday Already?!

July 16, 2005 § 1 Comment

I can’t believe it’s already Saturday afternoon…though I am very thankful because it means I get a much-needed rest. Working five hours a day at a gym is ten times harder on crutches (this is gleaned from experience!). Of course, this is not to mention that cold-calling a hundred people a day is no fun at all – wasn’t it nice of the owners to give me the list of 900+ phone numbers because talking to the people takes a “certain amount of finesse”? Give me a break. Sounds like an excuse to me!

Other than work, I have been living and breathing math at home, trying to prepare for Calc I in the Fall. It’s not really that I am behind, per se, but rather that I have never had the confidence necessary. Everything is falling into place now though, thank goodness.

For the past week or so I have also been on this huge Foyle’s War binge. Every night I watch an episode, even if I have seen that episode two, three, or even four times! For some reason I can’t get enough of it. In case you have never seen it, I will briefly explain the premise. The series focuses on the adventures of Christopher Foyle, the Detective Chief Superintendent in Hastings on the coast of England. The twist that I enjoy so much is that the show takes place in WWII, so there are a lot of historical themes woven into the plotlines. I am anxiously waiting for the 3rd season to be released in the USA!

DCS Christopher Foyle – I had the wierdest (hmmmm…wild perhaps is a better word) dream about (starring? featuring?) him the other night – :::blushes::: the result of too much Foyle at too late an hour, I’m afraid. :-P

Anyway, speaking of England I will have to send everyone postcards. Yes, my family is returning to the Mother Country for a short two-week excursion in August before I go back to school. I am so excited; out of all the places I have been I feel most at home there. Someday (I swear to it!) I am going to live there. I wonder if they would hire a chemist/philosopher? Tomorrow I will have to post a couple of my favorite photos from previous visits. This time our sightseeing list includes: Forbidden Corner (again! I am going to skip it this time in favor of exploring York), Tower Hill in London, the Isle of Wight, Grimes’ Graves (at my request), the National Portrait Gallery, Dover Castle, Hastings, and Norfolk, to name a few. I think we may be going back to Canterbury too, but I am not sure.

This post is getting long, but I don’t care. I simply have to post a list of the books I know I will be using next semester. Not all the book lists are in, but a few are and they are exciting:

Organic Chemistry 1: The Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry (this one will break the bank!)

Nature and Human Nature: Timaeus and Critias, The Hungry Soul: Eating and the Perfecting of our Nature, Anthropology from a Pragmatic Point of View, and On Human Nature

Introduction to Symbolic Logic: Logic and Philosophy: A Modern Introduction

As I mentioned before, the book lists for Physics, Calculus, or Character, Choice, and Community (Theology) have not been submitted. Hopefully they will be just as fun.

Finally, a nice interview with Michael Kitchen (aka DCS Foyle…these tidbits are all too rare) found on the internet:

So here we are with the third series of Foyle’s War. What have we got to look forward to? More of the same, really. Four two-hour episodes set in 1941.

What will happen to the series once the war’s over? Foyle’s Peace, and a ratings disaster.

Do you think someone with no experience could blag his way convincingly as a leading man in a detective drama with just a few weeks training? Sure, why not? I do.

Who’s Who says you like flying. With or without a plane? Pilot or passenger? I had a license to fly single-engines until, at the time with a young family, I couldn’t justify the expense.

And we also hear you are a keen rock climber…and other secret hobbies we should know about? I climbed Kilimanjaro two years ago, if that’s the rock you’re referring to, but I don’t make a habit of it; it was to raise money for the Village Education Project, a charity in Tanzania sponsered by Guerba. I really enjoy playing tennis, sailing, and DIY, though none of it is secret as far as I am aware. The better my eldest son plays, the less I seem to pick up the guitar. But I hope to ride again before I am much older.

You’ve appeared in several Bond films – any chance we might see you in the lead role? I’m a foot shorter than the qualifying height, as well as pretty much every other qualification.

§ One Response to Saturday Already?!

  • auntlori says:

    Huzzahs to Foyle’s War!

    Michael Kitchen seems to be a very versatile actor and I have enjoyed him in the few roles in which I have seen him!

    He is priceless in Lorna Doone — although it is a very tiny role in a howler, although adorable, movie!

    Loved him in Enchanted April — an enchanting movie, excellent cast, excellent interpretation of the book!

    As for Genna, enough already with the broken body parts! Heal, woman!

    and one final comment……


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