Happy Fourth of July!

July 5, 2005 § Leave a comment

This morning was pretty easygoing. Once again had a great conversation with Mark over morning coffee, reminiscent to my exciting conversations with Fr. Shanley last semester. We talked about everything from rhetoric and the art of communication through speaking and writing, to philosophy, ethics in sales, teleology, and action defining person. Maureen joined in the conversation as well, making it that much more fun. Three people pursuing wisdom is more fulfilling than two.

We cleaned up breakfast and headed out to take a hike at Calvert Cliffs, where we inevitably did a little more Geocaching. While Kenny, Celeste, Elizabeth, Joseph and Daddy played in the tire park, Mark and I went off in the woods to find the locations for the caches. Once we got within 100 feet of both we realized it would take a lot of bushwacking to find them and considered them found without the work. After a bit more walking around enjoying nature, we went back to find the others.

Soon we left for the 2 mile hike to the beach, which was absolutely beautiful. We spent roughly and hour walking on the beach, sifting for shark teeth, and finding crabs under rocks. Joseph ripped off his clothes and went swimming.

On the way back the true adventure started. About 0.2 miles into the hike back, I slipped and fell down a eight-foot embankment. To make a really long story short, I broke my lower leg clean through in two places. In what Maureen later told me was a state of shock, I walked the rest of the two miles back to the car without help. The pain wasn’t too bad unless I walked down a hill – then it really kicked in. Ah well.

When we got home it was too late to go to fireworks in a leisurely manner, so we all decided to stay at home and have a cookout. The burgers and hot dogs were delicious. A huge bonfire followed, and we all sat around and listened to Joseph tell jokes. Finally, we finished the day with firecrackers that we got in our stockings last Christmas.

It was at this point that I headed to the hospital and was x-rayed and diagnosed. More than anything else, I just wanted to get back to the house because I was missing the last evening with the Lewis’. They were so nice to me; the family stayed up until 2AM when I arrived home.

Breaking my leg is really difficult, true. But it is ironic that I was just talking to Kenny on the walk about spirituality. I told Kenny that when it comes to the spiritual life I imagine God as a father trying to teach his child to walk. Normally, a father will stand a child up and step away a bit so the child can take a shaky step towards him and ultimately fall into his reaching arms. Then the process is repeated, but this time the father steps a bit further away. This is what God does to us: He stands us up, steps away (allows for a cross to come into our lives) and says “Come to Me”. Combining this with Msgr. Hughes’ conception of the spiritual life as a river, which can only flow upstream or downstream and never stands still, and you have a perfect picture of the spiritual life. When I feel that I am no longer making progress in spirituality, I ask in prayer that God will step away again and let me try to walk. This is yet another of these trials. My Father has just stepped away.

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