Just One More

May 5, 2005 § Leave a comment

My mood has improved quite a bit since last night; the headache is gone. I think it was probably a stress headache because of my finals tomorrow. Thankfully I have finished my studying for Philosophy and most of the studying for Chem so I hope there will not be any more stress headaches this week.

I was thinking this morning about a visit I paid to Dr. Schneck about a month ago, in the hopes that it would cheer me up amidst the mountains of studying that I have to do. It is always inspiring to me to remember those that believe in me. When I told him that I was pursuing a dual degree he said "Genna, if there is any student I have ever known that could do that, it would be you." Dr. Brewer thinks that I am extremely smart and tells the department that; Dr. De Groot is swinging for me in more arenas than one to help me get a dual degree; Fr. Shanley is proud of me. I absolutely have to do well. Otherwise, I am disappointing too many people. Knowing this really drives me to push forward.

One more day, two tests. I will make it.

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