Beautiful Day!

April 11, 2005 § Leave a comment

Yesterday I went to a tour of the Dominican House of Studies which was absolutely fabulous. Our capable tourguide, Fr. Shanley, was very nice. He showed us all the common areas, his personal office, and then took us to a classroom upstairs where he used to play the role of student. Sitting around a big table the five students who came asked questions about the Dominicans and their way of governing (we had to make the tour fit with our class somehow). Afterwards the bell rang for Vespers and Fr. Shanley sat with us to make sure we "felt secure".

At the end of Vespers all the Dominicans process out of the chapel singing the "Salve Regina". I saw Fr. Pritzl walking out, and when he saw me standing there he smiled and winked. Grace Before Meals was said, and then we just stood around chatting with Fr. Shanley. After all the other Dominicans had left, Fr. Pritzl came back, walked right up to me, took my hand in both of his, and said "Hello my dear, how are you? How is school going?" I simply smiled, answered Fr. Pritzl, and in turn asked him how he was. Finally he said he had to go and left. It was very nice of him to single me out like that – I honestly don't think I know a kinder soul than his.

Good news! Msgr. Rossi has been appointed Rector of the Shrine! I have never met him, but he is my favorite priest there. I am very proud of him – I know he wanted the position very much. What is next? Perhaps he will be a bishop…

Anyway, I must get to work on Chemistry. Oh yes: I received an "A+" on my Socal Science paper that I posted earlier. As I come to find out, mine is the highest grade in the class. I nearly burst out of my skin when I got my paper!

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