Friday P.M.

February 11, 2005 § Leave a comment

What a nightmarish day! All I can say is "Thank God it's over." Mass was pleasant this morning (the Shrine is the only place that I am truly happy lately) and then the bad day started with English class. Ms. Vandenberg decided that we were going to discuss an article that she made us read on feminism – :::sarcastically:: hooray. She had to prick and prod me until I said that I didn't agree with the article or feminism in general. She didn't like that too much, and basically told me not to talk anymore, so I didn't even get to back myself up. What friends I have; both John Paul and Brendan jumped into the discussion to save me, agreeing openly with me and even debating it with the teacher. She asked me what I thought – she can't fault me for answering.

Philosophy class was alright. The quality of the classes remainds the same (seeing as it is Fr. Shanley) but the amount of interesting material we cover gets less and less. Sadly the class is really divided over Aristotle's Ethics: over half the class disagrees with Aristotle and believes that "virtue is relative" while a few of us agree with him entirely that there is only one way to be good, virtuous, and happy. I suppose all this means that the class is doing what Fr. Shanely intended, making us look at ourselves. Unfortunately it means that most of class time is spent on debates between angry students and Fr. Shanley. I am honestly sick of it. One guy refuses to come back to class, and feels that his absence is a protest against the "propaganda Fr. Shanley is force-feeding us." I'm sorry, but what an idiot!

German wasn't as bad as the other classes, and Chemistry was BOOOORING. I wish he could actually teach us. Which leads me to the most awful part of my day: the Chemistry test. *Oh*my*gosh*. I knew all the answers to the questions on that test before I went in, but during the test I forgot everything. Now I can remember all the questions and I know how to do them. If I did as badly as I believe I did, then at least I can hope for the best and make the grade up on the extra-credit quizzes that we take once a week.

Msgr. Rossi couldn't get a bottle of water from the cafeteria at the Shrine today; he was storming about complaining about it for a little while. Finally he just shrugged and laughed, and the workers decided then to give him some water. I love Msgr. Rossi.

Poor John Paul. He has been such a patient sounding-board the last hour or so, as I have been venting something awful. Patient and understanding through it all, he is helping me improve my mood. I probably should go to bed; everthing always looks better in the morning.

Happy Friday.

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