February 7, 2005 § Leave a comment

Finally I have learned how to put photos on this blog. I certainly hope they amused you as much as they did me. The first, of course, is that genuis that is Fr. Shanely. The second photo is of Sir Paul McCartney. I must admit that this is the only part of the Superbowl I watched. The third is PM Tony Blair – I was greeted with this photo in my morning "Express" (the Washington area tabloid paper). Can you imagine how disrespectful you would have to be to do that to a Prime Minister?

Anyway, today I am on top of the world. However, the morning didn't start out too nicely. I came down with an awful cold over the weekend, and woke up super early this morning because I found I was choking. I piled into the car with my forever-heavy backpack in the freezing cold. Needless to say, by the time I got to school I wasn't feeling up to my nickname of "Merry Sunshine."

Things started looking up from there. Msgr. Bransfield offered the Mass, and gave a fantastic homily as usual. After Mass I ran into Kevin. We exchanged greetings and he reminded me of our lunch date this Thursday.

I spent a little time studying German and then met with my English teacher to talk about my upcoming paper. After more German, I went to Philosophy class. Fr. Shanley was in a fantastic mood – he did the taunting "Eagles dance" around the classroom and then settled down to business. The theme of the lesson was incontinence, in particular his incontinence on giving into eating nine mozerella sticks during the game last night.

The German test wasn't too bad; I never can assess how I do on language tests. However, I got my quiz back from last Friday, and found out that I had the best score in the class! Ah, beautiful day!

From there I ran to Chemistry class, and was greeted with another ego boost. On the last two Chemistry quizzes I got a 19/20 and a 20/20! Things are looking good for the test this Friday, that is for sure. Dr. Nelson is feeling a tad better, and gave us an abbreviated class this afternoon.

I met Elizabeth for lunch and then spent the last hour watching a German movie called "The Princess and the Warrior" (starring Franka Potente) for German lab. It is a pretty good movie, though a bit graphic – not surprising seeing as it is rated R. I can't wait to finish it!

In an hour I am supposed to meet and talk to someone about the Paris trip. Until then I probably should work on some Social Science homework for tomorrow…Dr. Misztal likes us to read the reading three times: first in a half an hour, second in an hour, and third in half an hour, highlighting and writing questions in the margins. *sigh*

Oh yeah…I got the job at Curves. Thank you God! I start next Monday.

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