If my head doesn’t explode…

February 6, 2005 § Leave a comment

…then perhaps I will be ready for this upcoming week. Next weekend I am hoping to attend a retreat in Emmitsburg, MD, and so must get all my homework done. Usually I rely on weekends to catch up, but I won't have next weekend if I go. With a hint of sarcasm, I can say "thank you" to Fr. Shanley for giving us a wonderfully difficult paper to write as well, adding to my workload. Oh well. I was awake until the wee hours of the morning this morning, and woke up at around 7AM to hit the books again. Mentally and physically I am exhausted. Today the family drove up to the National Shrine for Mass at noon, and then went to a stunning one-man performance of St. John's Gospel by Brad Sherrill at CUA. Brad is truly incredible. He has memorized and dramatically recites all 20,000 words of the Gospel. Going to his show was the perfect way to begin the Lenten season. This week is chock-a-block full of important things. Tomorrow's highlights include a German test and the final informational meeting regarding the freshman trip to Paris in a few weeks. On Tuesday we will recieve yet another essay assignment, and on Wednesday I meet with Dr. Merkel to discuss a possible change in majors. Thursday is the calm before the storm, and then on Friday I have an English paper due, a Social Science paper due, and a Chemistry test. Somewhere in there I need to make time to study and work on my paper due the following Friday. I will not be watching the Super Bowl tonight, but I will say that I am rooting on the Patriots for Fr. Shanley's sake. The Dominicans at CUA made a bet with Fr. Shanley: if the Patriots win (and thus Fr. Shanley) the rest of the Dominicans have to attend next weeks' Shake-a-thon in Patriots t-shirts. On the other hand, if Fr. Shanley and his Patriots lose, then Fr. Shanley has to be both pied at the Shake-a-thon and have a stint in the dunk tank at the end of year Luau, wearing his Patriots t-shirt. I would hate to see Fr. Shanley in such disgrace! God, please make the Patriots win… ;-)

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