Quick Update

November 10, 2004 § Leave a comment

Okay, perhaps I can spare a couple minutes for a quick update. Today was just a normal Wednesday-they always drag because it is the middle of the week. Last night I stayed up rather late working on a Philosophy composition, so slept in this morning until I absolutely had to leave. Consequently I also did not go to Mass. I had a French test this morning. Though Social Science is usually the highlight of my day, I will have to admit that my favorite class today was Philosophy. We got to play with syllogisms for an hour! Good old Aristotle devised a fascinating system for organizing and remembering all the syllogisms, but it is a little complex and takes a little time to understand. Thankfully I caught on pretty quickly. When Philosophy class was over I decided to skip lunch and go to a public safety seminar, given by the Metropolitan Police, Campus Security, and Metro Security. It was pretty good, though I was the only student attending along with three adults. Apparently "crime season" is beginning, in time for the thieves to get their early Christmas presents. Chemistry was fun as usual. The heaters turned on during Dr. Brewer's lecture and made so much racket that you could hardly hear him talking! When they started banging Dr. Brewer started, ran to the door next to the blackboard and closed it quickly. Throwing himself against it, he said "It sounds like they have better weapons than we do-this should hold them off for awhile." Needless to say, it took some time for the laughter and giggles to die down before the lecture could continue. Dr. Schneck was still rather sick today, but he pulled through and gave an excellent lecture despite everything. Though he warned us beforehand that he wasn't going to "sparkle", I think he did a pretty good job anyway. Kudos for Dr. Schneck! Anyway, we are reading and discussing a book by Erich Fromm called "Escape From Freedom." It is a fascinating book and it well worth the read if you have the spare time. Fromm tries to explain how freedom and totalitarianism go hand in hand through psychoanalysis. Nothing really happened by way of guys today-I talked to John Paul and Lazslo briefly this morning, but that is all. It wasn't even intellingent conversation. We discussed favorite episodes of Star Trek: Original Series… Last night I saw Fr. Pritzyl in the Metro station-I would know him from a mile away, even from behind. What an amazing priest. One gets a hushed sort of feeling just being in his presence. I smiled and waved at him and he smiled and nodded back. If only he weren't a Dominican he could be Pope someday!

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