1/16 Down, 15/16 To Go

October 18, 2004 § Leave a comment

The feeling of exuberance that I felt on Friday after my last midterm exam was amazing. Those tests were really tough, and the last two weeks have been very stressful. Apparently the stress really got to me on Friday afternoon, because I felt really sick for a while and nearly fainted in Philosophy class. That wouldn't have been too good.
Today is Monday; I have French class in about 25 minutes. Afterwards I need to turn in a Philosophy paper to Dr. Druart. Each student was told to find a comic strip that illustrated a philosophical concept we have learned and write two very concise pages justifying our choice. I chose a Family Circus panel with a few layers. At first I tried using a Calvin and Hobbes, but there were too many layers and I ended up with quite a few more pages than assigned.
After lunch is Chemistry class, which I am looking forward to because I will be getting my test grade back. I don't think I did too badly, but my gut feelings are often wrong. Usually I have Social Science class after Chemistry, but it might be canceled today. Dr. Schneck's grandmother died last week, and he was going to be in Iowa until Tuesday for her funeral. He was going to try to find a substitute teacher, but as of Friday afternoon he still hadn't arranged for one to come. I never thought that I would actually be sorry to miss a class!
Yikes! A moment ago I received an email telling me that the next submission deadline for The Archbishop Sheen Review is this Saturday! I really wanted to write for it, so I had better start thinking. At least I don't have any big tests or anything this week so I will hopefully have time to work on an article. I am going to write about St. Thomas More's example in politics and how politicians should follow his example of integrity in office. It shouldn't be too difficult, as St. Thomas More is a favorite subject of mine. I wrote a lot of papers about him in High School just for fun.
I had better be getting over to French class now. I have no idea if we had any homework for today, because Friday class was canceled. A suspicious package-a black bag-was found in the ceiling so the building was evacuated and closed for two hours. *Oh Darn!* I am so mad that I missed that horrific French class…

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