October 9, 2004 § Leave a comment

The past week has been so crazy that I haven't found an extra second to update this wonderful blog of mine. In fact, I have had to cut all computer time out of my schedule so that I could use the time for studying. My post today will be relatively short, as I do have some more work to do. I just wanted to give a short update for the sake of those wondering what on earth is going on with me.
(1) My first couple midterms-Philosophy and French-were on Monday. Neither was too bad-thankfully I was over-prepared for Philosophy. I'm really lucky in that the night before I had just happened to pick up Pieper's Leisure: Basis of Culture. Forty points of the exam were based on answering specific questions on his philosophy.
After class I went to "visit" Dr. Rousseau about my upcoming history presentation. We ended up spending an hour and a half discussing not only the subject of my presentation (Sin, Baptism, and Reconciliation in the Early Church) but also about one of my favorite historical topics, that of Constantine vs. Diocletian. I also asked some careful questions to find out what he really wanted us to get out of the course. I am really glad that I did so, because I think that the whole course will go a lot smoother. Now my job is to spread the word amongst my classmates.
(2) My French Oral exam was on Tuesday. I also had Chemistry lab, but it wasn't too bad. Peter did some of my experiment for me, and as usual hovered about to make sure I was okay with my experiment. Sometimes he is helpful, but it also makes me nervous to know that my TA is constantly watching what I am doing. Thankfully I am good at ignoring things like that.
(3) Wednesday was test-free but not stress-free. After class Jocelyn, Teresa and I got together for a caffeine break at the cafeteria. We talked about "this and that" and in general did some good female bonding. It was a lot of fun. You will never hear such intellectual "girl talk" as around us. Using Plato, Aristotle, Marx, Durkheim, the Bible-you name it-we get our points across to one another. We even talk about boys that way!
(4) I gave a history presentation in front of class on Thursday. After class I went to my lunch date with Kevin and enjoyed myself immensely as usual. Apparently Kevin and John had done about an hour of "friendly" roughousing the night before and so the whole fight had to be carefully recounted to me. Kevin had accused John of being drunk (which usually gets John really mad) but John ignored him and went to bed. After John had disappeared Kevin proceeded to talk to Dave really loudly about how drunk and hungover John was. This was too much for John, who came out of his room and the fight began. Punching, hitting with whiffle bats, slamming against door frames, choking, and rolling on the ground, Kevin and John went to it with gusto. And all this in their nice suits too!
After I left Kevin's place I walked over to the library to study for a while. In about an hour I called Jocelyn and we arranged to meet at the student center for our "caffeine break." They usually have coffee, and I drink my tea. During our conversation Dan came into the cafeteria and proceeded to sit down with us to drink his slurpee. We all had a nice chat, and then dispersed to our various studies.
I went to talk to Dr. Brewer about my Chemistry quiz. We ended up spending about an hour just chatting about Chemistry, Liberal Arts, Science, and homeschooling in general. He had a lot of questions about homeschooling. It's always nice to actually get to know your teachers a bit.
(5) On Friday I took a Chemistry test. Not much else happened except that I was glad the week was over.

Next week I have a French paper due on Tuesday, a history paper and a midterm due on Thursday, and a Social Science midterm and a BIG Chemistry test on Friday. Time to take a deep breath and get to work!

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