Dreary Day

September 29, 2004 § Leave a comment

Today (Tuesday) was an awfully dreary day, on account of those wonderful hurricanes ripping back and forth across the country. Not only was rain coming down in sheets, pervading every inch of your body, but the wind was awful! By the end of the day people just resorted to running around without even trying to shield themselves, either because they had given up or had lost their umbrella. Brrr!
Mass was very nice, and the Communion antiphon rather struck me as worthy of a little meditation. It went "If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself, take up his cross daily and follow me." It is a popular and well-known verse from the Bible, but for some reason it just hit me this morning. He doesn't tell us to simply "take up our crosses daily and follow Him" because he knows we could not possibly do it alone. No-he puts out both hands to us, helps us to our feet, and supports us as we struggle up the hill to Calvary to be crucified in Him. There is another verse from the Bible worth keeping in mind as well as this one: "And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can stand up under it. " Jesus Himself, like a father gently coaxing his child to learn how to walk, is constantly allowing us to suffer trials so that we might learn to come closer to Him. He never gives us more than we can bear, but He gives us enough that we might throw ourselves humbly at His feet and beg for His gentle Love that He might "provide a way." It is only through this constant process of trials and sufferings that we can grow close to Him. And as a very wise priest once said to me: "Faith is like a river. Upstream is God and downstream is 'lukewarm faith' as is talked about in the Bible. You cannot remain still in a river-you must either fight your way upstream or complacently allow yourself to be driven downstream." Which way are we moving? It is a question I am constantly asking myself.
Anyway, enough of my Biblical meditations. It is just that sometimes a verse really strikes me and I feel like a should say something about it. School was pretty "run of the mill" today. French lab was extremely boring, as usual. Unfortunately the German lady, Jutta, was giving the entire history lecture so basically no one paid any attention at all. I tried to take some notes, but confess to doing a lot of scribbling too. I am not innocent. Jutta tends to go on and on and on and not really say anything. It's too bad, because she seems like a really smart person. She just isn't a good teacher.
Before class we had fun though. The time when everyone is just beginning to arrive at class and the teacher has not yet arrived is a time for gaiety. Especially when Lazlow is a member of the class. He came in- snappily dressed as usual in a dress shirt, dress pants, and a tie-and one of my classmates decided to ask him if he ever wore anything less formal. He said no, and to this Josef replied that he had, in fact, seen Lazlow in a T-shirt before bed. Masterfully keeping a straight face, Lazlow said that yes, he usually did wear T-shirts to bed, but "sometimes I do wear a tie." But the jokes continued. On Monday, Lazlow (known as the banana boy, on account of his amazing appetite for the fruit) came in to class and promptly put two bananas on top of the television in the corner of the room. This morning someone decided to bring up the topic of Lazlow's now notorious banana-squirreling habit. The room was rocking with laughter.
I believe Lazlow has taken a liking to me-just female intuition I suppose. Usually he sits all the way across the room from me. Today, right before the laughter session, we had been talking about the Schneck paper and what we had written about. Lazlow was outlining his paper topic to a couple of us, and came to a particularly dramatic point: "…and there will be tyranny and anarchy." As he said this he stood right in front of me and proceeded to stare me down. Now, Lazlow is a Hungarian, and can adopt a rather frightening appearance if he wants to. He looked rather formidable at that moment, but I started giggling because he looked so scary. In an instant his face softened and he started laughing, saying that I was supposed to be frightened and that what he was saying was serious stuff. Jutta then walked in, and Lazlow ran across the room, got his books, and sat down right in front of me. Female Intuition.
The lecture proceeded as expected, and when it was finally over we all left. Outside I meandered for a minute in the hopes of seeing Kevin. He soon came out, and though we only spoke for about thirty seconds, it was refreshing. There is nothing like a really familiar face, voice, and personality during a long day.
Chemistry lab was okay, but not fantastic. We got to use the bunsen burners, which was exciting. After lab I hung around at the student center for about an hour and a half (I couldn't go anywhere else because of the torrential rain) and studied before the Honors Freshmen Rap at 5PM.
The "rap" wasn't too bad. It began with a kind of discussion between students and faculty just evaluating how the school year has progressed thus far. Anyone with questions or pressing problems brought them forward. Next on the agenda was a presentation about the Paris trip, but Mr. Nissen flight from Vermont was canceled so he wasn't able to give it. Instead we talked about social activities being planned and about our curriculum. Finally came the social part of the rap, and everyone mixed and talked about the looming mid-terms. On this note, the gathering broke up and everyone left to study.
I hung around a bit longer and studied until my mother came and picked me up. Traffic was really bad so she was a little late. I didn't mind, though-it gave me a chance to get my Social Science notes in order for tomorrow.

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